Black Cock Official Trailer (2015) – Black Mass Parody


Innahnet Avengahs studios with land of the banned and Juggalo holocaust present Black Cock.

The true story of Oven boss, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Detroit , who became an FBI informant to take down a juggalo insane clown posse crime family invading his turf.

Featuring Ovenboss , Dez , Big Kev , Dizzy , Condemned, Qwarty Koffincreep , Runae Moon , Horrorflik Musick and Killa mo 187 , and introducing qwartys his new girl in this black mass parody trailer .

2005-2015: The Evilution of a True Genius – Killa-mo 187 Review 6/10 – A best of compilation full of laziness and sucking up

Killa-mo 187 – 2005-2015: The Evilution of a True Genius –   A best of compilation full of Laziness and sucking up

Front Cover Killamo 187 evilution
Front Cover Killamo 187 evilution

Review of the soon to be released best of compilation by Killamo 187 – The Evilution of a True Genius

Mindless Thoughts

Killa-mo 187s hit that got him noticed by Western Pa Juggalos – a decent song and known for Killa-mo 187’s catchphrase – drop dead Fred with your hair in braids – does your hair have aids? No best of killa mo album would exist without this track .

Come See My Gun (ft. KMTDC)

The song that got Killa-mo 187 , tylerizsikallday aka Tyler Goldstein aka Hallz edge from f4w boards a rap legend from Cleveland and DC_sniper aka Sniper_mane noticed on acidrap – Disses to Dez and Dizzy – Cutthroat , D-rix  and Mastamind , golden glare records to ignite old beefs – levels are still messed up from 10 years ago…

Extreme Killaz (ft. Sniper)

For some-reason this song opens with a scene form roadhouse

PAT McGURN, a bad guy, crooked bartender at the Double Deuce: “I’m staying and you’re going.” (Pulls out a knife and brandishes it.)

DALTON, a good guy who has killed a few bad guys here and there: “Oh, really?”

PAT McGURN, waving the knife: “Come on, Dalton. You and me, right now. Right now! What’s the matter, you chicken dick? What are you afraid of? Me? Is that it, Dalton. You scared to fight me? . . . What do you want? To kiss and make up?”


Killa mo is a club killer – for real … Hey Killazilla and the sniper mane

Killazilla and the sniper man – half Chinese half black guy (remember when idiots fell for that at acidrap forums… seriously a black/Chinese redneck ….

this is ok and has better levels

2-Sydez Unified [Hip Hop Remix] (ft. Playa Rabbit)

The Playa Rabbit hype train at it again again – never liked this 10 years ago when Playa Rabbit was somewhat relevant on myspace or something – back back back back back evanderholyfield – killa mo sucks on the chorus

“Im not Chinese but ive made my own Ming dynasty…”

U Dun Kno Me!

MISTA MENACE productions ….

Bad levels

“Smart marks also known as marks ? If i wanted to ill transform into a super sayian . – Im like a boomerang , orangutan , watch my nuts hand.”

Chorus gets on your nerves with the way he says know like Mario brothers but an ok track

Get Da Fuk Out! (ft. KMTDC)

2k8 2k8 – tylerizsickallday / hallzedge best song on the album

Bad levels on sniper

Outsiderz don’t play , let the shit spray on your new shoes.

Kmz verse sounds added on – like his porno noises for no reason .. why

“TAKE SOME ADVICE FAGGOT AND GET DA FUCK OUT!” Wow from the new champion of gay rights ….

Close To Me

yEA HaHa – produced by ekx

Beat is fire

Rap is good  “like a dentist trying to give your mouth a drill”

.Samples dont stand so close to me .

“I am the true king of pain” . “My ex needs to shuddup “. “go eat some dirty bread .”

Great Until the end where KM screams the chorus .

Rise N’ Shine (ft. Novakain The Scorpion)

After all the beef and disses KM decides to add Novakain The Scorpions song …

“dirty deeds done dirt cheep .. son , top of the morning – rise n shine bake on up and open your 3rd eye.”

KM has different levels AGAIN , “you cant make me bleed . you should have killed me last year.”

Ok song but again questionable why have this song after all the beef and disses between H8club / Km and Novakain.

Ends with Some reference to the new world order.. for no reason


We are the adversaries from the white album – by a deadlier power , there is no holy tower , Hitler as the chorus for no reason , backmasking again for no reason , “we are the adversaries” . “Its the truth you faggots there is no holy tower”. Mindless yelling completes a crappy track that should not have been on this album (most likely added so he could put part 2 on it )

Punk Rock Goddess

Killa mo meets some girl at a clothing store , shes “hot” so he writes her a song for her – made during the time when killa mo when punk .

“Full of dark goodness “. “check this out chiko”

The beat sucks
“Ran into lil wayne said fuck that talented douche im the king of pain.”

Voice modulators and retarded choruses

” If your a dark girl and you hate gold come find me and ill give you the world?”

This should also not have been on the album but it seems km is still trying to get some strange off her (he has said he has sent her a copy of the album) …..

Murda Rap (ft. Big Kurt and Awful Paul)

H8 club nonsense opens with quote from the real h8 club from czw

Big kurt raps with marbles in his mouth but at least he rhymes . “Im a demon and i fuel my fire with all my hatred.”

For some reason a sample from dusk till dawn ?

Rule number one: No noise, no question. You make a noise…  Mr… 44 makes a noise. You ask a question, Mr. 44 answers it.

KM has like half a verse and another movie sample

Awful paul has the best mike – and has his “memoirs stapled on his paper thin walls , memoirs stapled on his paper thin walls”

1000 samples to end .. less is more….

Twizted Mind (ft. The Legend & Mortality Tha Angel of Death)

“Im back motherfucker – thought i was dead”

no actually i don’t know if you are legend or mortality or Killa-mo 187 with a voice changer

Basic Mary had a little lamb rap that a kid could do – seriously

Mary had a little lamb
little lamb
little lamb

Motherfuckers know that i hate your kind
i hate your kind
i hate your kind

“at the hands of hell , the angel killer”

dont do basic baby rhymes for the entire verse and then try to end on an abrupt non rhyming line .

now Killa-mo 187 has a lame voice changer ranting at polygamists

now someone raps with marbles in his mouth

H8 club song reject , has no place on this album just sounds bad

The Master’s Back

“The masters back in this bitch . im a master of reality . Im the lone wolf and im not alone.”

Stupid laughing

Current FTW champion taz profile with a bad editing to say killa mo 187


Rambler Pride [The B.C. Stomp!]

Kms hit bigger than the polish and mushroom fest combined all the ramblers in boyne city bump this track .

DO the BC stomp , the BC stomp , the BC stomp.

IF your fishing at the mouth , 49712 , fireworks on the 4th giving me a good vibe , boyne river inn BNR , hippy park , snowball dance , Jane Whitley , rambler pride , rep the 231 , helped build the park , south lake street, boyne mountain ,lake charlevoix , nazi gang members , brass knux to the jaw , boyne city public school , local shop and tourists , veterans park playground build is the shit.

DO the BC stomp .

Hard Knock Saint’z (ft. Kemical)

Jack-in kains beats

Backmasking again

This song makes my ears bleed – the fucking modulation effect or reverb off kms mike is so bad im not going to review it  . Kemical at least has a decent mike and his verse is listenable . The ending verse where Kemical shouts his name makes it great . but for some reason there’s like a minute of music afterwards .

No place on a best of album .

Brainwashed! Part 2

A good EKX beat

But something feels off with km rap , its like his rapping was done independent of the beat .

The last 5 presidents have the exact same face , the royal family are all shape shifters

“Theres a god he failed to flush out out”

“Every priest in the world is a pedophile” ….

talks about Micheal jackson and Diana’s murders

ends abruptly – decent track – superior to part 1

Hamsterwheel (ft. HALUSiN8)

Nice intro

“The night the coppers came , calling me by my first name”

“I hate people that start rumerz,dont live with cancer tumors, so sick of this drama , im so glad i dont got no baby mama”.

Im on the hamster wheel of endless drama

(why is there a seal on this track (oh its just hauslin8 my mistake))

Hauslins verse is the same levels as km!!! YAY!!!!

some people need to eat beef feeding off drama till they end up like the lead singer off nivarna – KABLAW

nice song , nice verses by both guys

Mary Faith

The now controversial Mary faith

Quote from heavens gate opens the track

I will break away from the world.” Now breaking away from the world is not easy. It’s difficult. It’s tough. And breaking away doesn’t mean that, I’m going to go live in some place with this little cult, and I’ll spend time on weekends or at least on holidays with the family that I left, because they’re my family. No, it means that you leave that world behind. You even become another individual. It means that even the “mind” that you had as a human is “aborted,

“You all been warned , about the skull and bones , the only way to even rid it , is to out law religion”

“Mary Faith , Ran away from her faith” – rhyming faith with faith is a no no

OK track about cults and obama care . Oh and lamps . The is a remix by the new crisis of faith coming soon of this song so i think it will be improved .

Sin (ft. Koffincreep)

Of course this is on here – KM wanted to be on horrorflik muzick
“check out the hook while the dj slaughters it” . Samples esham and ICP for the chorus.

Meh – a suck up track for horrorflik muzick

Rambler Pride [EKX Remix]

This is boyne city hip hop

lake street boyne city Michigan

lake street boyne city Michigan

lake street boyne city Michigan

As good or better than the original . But should not have been on this album imo .

The Warrior’s Oath

Opens with Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan quote – Crush your enemies , see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women – Arnold will play a large part in the marketing of this album by more on this later.

The last ever crisis of faith song .

The good days now have bleed.

This is my warriors oath  i raise my blade up high , is this tribute enough , virgins get raped rough.

Sykocutter diss Samples Arnold at the start “your right i became lazy , its time to become crazy” “Fuck sykocutter and his boyfreind the spy” Solid beat , Nice song .

Get Fukin’ Ultraviolent!

ECW sample paul E

The unmixed demo version will appear on the upcoming Killa-mo 187 compilation “2005-2015: Evilution of a True Genius” coming late spring!

Fuck you KM thats lazy – master your track 0/10

not a bonus to give out an unmastered track .

Mass Genocide [Drink. Fight. Kill. Repeat]

Another reference to Paul E and Brock Lesnars catch phrase.

Make it all bloody , murder so lovely.

Im not the devil or satan i want ot keep you bleeding.

I start with George Zimmerman –… dude its 2015 get over it

Eating a canible feast – Goes on a rant against the kardasihans

I try to rape Caitlin Jenner  , in comes momma kris asking about her paycheck…

ok track


Do you like time travel and stories of hacking and sick mothers bills , how about disses to christians and Esham for no reason …. well enjoy some key moments

Killa mo puts the album out on faygoluvers for a brief time – 4-8 hours , then has his buddy remove it .

Killa mo 187 marekting
Killa mo 187 marekting
Killa mo disses esham
Killa mo disses esham
Killa mo time travel
Killa mo time travel hack

I understand that somehow someway the Killa-mo 187 “Best of” album titled “2005-2015: The Evilution of a True Genius” has infact leaked onto the internet. I did have the download link removed from our friends at faygoluvers who did inform me that the culprit posted an e-mail through their contact form so it couldn’t be traced which means they’re really good. But it does not hide the fact that they chose such a cowardly act. They did not know that any proceeds that I earned from it was going to help pay for my own mother’s medical bills [her health ain’t the best]. So that right there is the reason I am angry.

They’re fucking with my mother’s health by doing this.

Really people are stealing his music through time travel cyborgs like the terminator or hacking his pc or phone …  Marketing 7/10 For humor


Killamo 187 evilution Back Cover
Killamo 187 evilution Back Cover
Front Cover Killamo 187 evilution
Front Cover Killamo 187 evilution

Final thoughts

This is not a best of killa mo 187 compilation , this is a cheap lazy cash in with some favors added in – where is a intro / outro? where is a new exclusive track ? an unmastered track from COF is not a a gift – its a slap in the face . Where is the autistic insanity song ? Why not do something fun like unbackmask the songs – you have 4-5 with backmasking on the album…

6/10 and I’m being extremely generous – If you are a km fan you have all these songs already , if you are new this album does nothing to introduce you to who he is or his music .


Should the gathering of the juggalos – gotj be banned?

The juggalo gathering – gotj has run many years and there has been many problems with violent juggalos , juggalo gangs , attacks on public and drug offenses.

Should the juggalo gathering still run – gotj 2010 or should it be sent to the land of the banned?

An example of what happened in gotj 2009

* Traffic offenses

* 200 people arrested for drug offenses
* Police got called out for people having guns and knifes
* traffic accidents

* heat stroke/exhaustion
* Parents calling to check on their kids – having to collect violent children

* Information Booths Burnt Down

*15 Juggalos attacked injured , 2 seriously injured

*Rubbish left behind – large cleaning expense

Please sign our petiotion to ban the gathering of the juggalos here


How to be a juggalette …

Attn all ‘Lettes Land of the banned discusses how you become a juggalette the first step is to watch this highly informative video with pictures of 99% of the juggalette population .

To Become a Juggalette it is about how much icp merch you have or the amount of lyrics about ICP. It’s about being a sheep – about being shunned from the world and from normal society and pretending about not giving a fuck where your opinion fits in.

Juggalettes take shit from other people, they dont know who they are a.

True Juggalettes act like they know what it’s like to be an outsider. It matters how many hatchetman tatoos you have, or how many ICP cd’s you own.

It’s about knowing that you always have the family to lean on when you need support – unless you dont fit the mold or commit a crime because the family will disown you. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Attn all ‘Lettes

Oven Crime Family , Kanye West and Juggalo Holocaust Diss
Freestyle Rap Oven Crime Family ,Juggalo holocaust and Kanye West Diss by Halls Edge
called The Critique Freestyle
Land of the Banned Exclusive

Now with Lyrics:
Critique that
You better get your facts straight
get your facts straight
get your facts straight
You better get your facts straight
ima squeeze your mommas T%%%%% till they lactate
and you know what , that milk taste good
F a crime family in a fake hood
the juggalo holocaust can eat a fat D
F kanye west and his wack Tish
your aint no mafia
your never original
your a copier
like that jank ass machine at kinkos
yall make fun of me but need to shrink ho
thank yall asses just shook like a eathquake
now yall must look at the face of death
your a waste of breath
i kissed your girls lips and got the taste of meth

critique that

Man Accused of Raping Woman Over the Telephone

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Tunisia: A 30-year-old man has been accused of rape over a telephone conversation he had with a 20-year-old woman. The pair were reportedly having an erotic conversation when the woman screamed and indicated that she was bleeding.

According to the family’s lawyer, Maha al-Metebaa, a medical examination of the young woman showed that she had lost her virginity. He said that the allegations need careful examination. The man denies ever touching the woman.

“The intercourse did take place… verbally only. The sexual act did not really happen because the physical proximity factor is not there, yet it happened because there is a direct physical impact – the loss of virginity,” said al-Metebaa.

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Miley Cyrus photos – are embarrassing

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Miley Cyrus fans will get to see a different side of the pop sensation in June’s Vanity Fair, and it’s a side she apparently has second thoughts about revealing.

The 15-year-old actress/singer posed for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz for the issue, on sale in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday and nationwide May 6, and in one shot, Cyrus is clad in just a blanket. In a caption running with the image, Disney’s Hannah Montana star tells VF, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie. She’s so cute. She gets this puppy-dog look and you’re like, OK.’ ”

But on Sunday, Cyrus had a change of heart. “I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed,” she said in a statement issued by her publicist, Jill Fritzo. “I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

Disney Channel also took the offensive by issuing a statement. “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.”

Cyrus is a popular Disney celebrity with the hit Hannah Montana series and Best of Both Worlds Concert, which became a top-selling live show, 3-D concert film and now album. Last week, the album became available at all retailers and jumped from No. 31 to No. 3, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Disney Book Group last week announced that Cyrus would share her “inspiring” story, from her roots in Tennessee to hitting the big time, in a book due in 2009.

How did VF respond to the Cyrus camp’s offensive on Sunday? “Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley,” said a statement from spokeswoman Beth Kseniak.

Another photo in the package features Miley posing with her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus. They also can be seen on video from the photo shoot, which will be posted on this week.

In December, another set of photos circulated on the Internet showing Cyrus and a girlfriend almost kissing. “It was me,” Cyrus tells VF, “on my MySpace. For me, I was like, That’s two girls — it’s not a big deal. … I was just like it didn’t affect me.”
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The Bible is America’s favorite book

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – When it comes to literary pursuits in the United States most people agree on at least one thing — the most popular book is the Bible, according to a new survey.

It came in first in a Harris Poll of nearly 2,513 adults but the second choice in the survey was not as clear cut.

“While the Bible is number one among each of the different demographic groups, there is a large difference in the number two favorite book,” Harris said in a statement announcing the results.

Men chose J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and women selected Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” as their second-favorite book, according to the online poll.

But the second choice for 18- to 31-year-olds was J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, while 32- to 43-year-olds named Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons.”

Picks for second-favorite book also varied according to region. “Gone With the Wind” was number two in the southern and midwestern United States while easterners chose “The Lord of the Rings” and westerners opted for “The Stand.”

Whites and Hispanics picked “Gone With the Wind” as their second-favorite book after the Bible, while African-Americans preferred “Angels and Demons.”

“Finally, they may not agree on candidates, but one thing that brings together partisans is their favorite book. For Republicans, Democrats and Independents, the top two books are the same — the Bible followed by “Gone With the Wind.”

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger rounded out the top 10 favorite.

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Cavity Fighting Candy

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CHICAGO (Reuters) – Most children are told to stay away from chewy candies to keep their teeth cavity-free, but children in Venezuela who ate a special cavity-fighting candy had 62 percent fewer cavities than those who brushed their teeth regularly, researchers said on Tuesday.

Children in the study were testing the effectiveness of BasicMints, an experimental fluoride-free treatment designed to mimic a component in human saliva that neutralizes acids in the mouth that can erode tooth enamel.

Researchers at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, who developed the active compound in the mints known as CaviStat, tested them in 200 children in Venezuela aged 10 1/2 to 11 who were getting their adult molars but still had some baby teeth left.

Half the children in the study took two of the medicated mints in the morning after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. They followed the same routine at night. The other half brushed normally twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and took plain sugarless mints.

After 12 months, children who took the cavity-fighting mints had 61.7 percent fewer cavities than the placebo group.

The soft mints are designed to be dissolved and chewed into the biting surfaces of the back teeth, where about 90 percent of cavities in children occur.

“Unlike regular candies, we want this product to be stuck in the teeth,” said Mitchell Goldberg, president of Ortek Therapeutics Inc, a privately held company in Roslyn Heights, New York, that licensed the technology from Stony Brook.

Goldberg said in a telephone interview that unlike sugarless gum, which fights cavities by temporarily increasing the flow of saliva in the mouth, the mints actively neutralize acids that cause cavities.

He said the company plans to seek U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to begin testing the product in the United States by year end. It may take several years of testing before it wins U.S. marketing approval.

The study was published in the March issue of the Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

Judge kicks Whites out of his courtroom

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The Black Atlanta judge who asked all the White folks in his courtroom to kindly step out, so he could give the brothers a personal lecture on responsibility, apologized Tuesday, saying he lost his head after being frustrated with trifling African-American defendants shuffling through his courtroom.

He said that he was concerned at the time about airing the Black community’s dirty laundry in front of White lawyers.

“I came out and saw the defendants, and it was about 99.9 percent Afro-Americans,” Arrington said, “and at some point in time, I excused some lawyers – most of them White – and said to the young people in here, ‘What in the world are you doing with your lives?'”

Arrington said he thought the Black-father-to-son approach would be more effective.

“I didn’t want them to think I was talking down to them; trying to embarrass them or insult them; be derogatory toward them, and I was just saying, ‘Please get yourself together,'” Arrington said.

Common defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright


As the media firestorm swirled around Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ retired pastor Jeremiah Wright, his relationship with Barack Obama, and his controversial statements, Common felt Wright was being misrepresented.

Common grew up in the same church and shared his thoughts with

“He never really was against white people or another race. It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system,” Common explained.

“What I picked up from being in the pews … was messages of love,” recalls Common. “Anything that was going against that love he would acknowledge and expose.”

Common blamed the giant media wave around Wright on a conservative effort to discredit Obama.

“I think that’s what American politics does.”

“He’s been a preacher that’s helped raise one of the greatest political figures in the world and, hopefully, the next President,” Common said, then added with a laugh, “He’s also raised one of the great rappers in the world!”

Corinne Bailey Rae’s husband found dead

LONDON – The husband of Grammy-nominated British singer Corinne Bailey Rae has been found dead.

Police say Jason Rae was found in an apartment in the northern English city of Leeds on Saturday. Officers are awaiting results of toxicology tests to determine the cause of death.

A 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of supplying him with drugs but has been released on bail, officials said.

Thirty-one-year-old Jason Rae was a saxophonist with a funk band, the Haggis Horns.

Bailey Rae’s self-titled debut album sold more than 1 million copies in the U.S. after its release in 2006.

The 29-year-old was nominated for song of the year at the Grammy Awards in both 2007 and 2008.

Vermont inmates call food foul, sue over it

MONTPELIER, Vt. – When shooting suspect Christopher Williams acted up in prison, he was given nutraloaf — a mixture of cubed whole wheat bread, nondairy cheese, raw carrots, spinach, seedless raisins, beans, vegetable oil, tomato paste, powdered milk and dehydrated potato flakes.

Prison officials call it a complete meal. Inmates say it’s so awful they’d rather go hungry.

On Monday, the Vermont Supreme Court will hear arguments in a class-action suit brought by inmates who say it’s not food but punishment and that anyone subjected to it should get a formal disciplinary process first.

Prison officials see nutraloaf as a tool for behavior modification.

“It’s commonplace in other states as a way of providing nutrition in a mechanism that dissuades inmates from throwing feces, urine, trays and silverware,” said Vermont Corrections Commissioner Rob Hofmann.

“It tends to have the desired outcome,” Hofmann said. “Once the offender relents, we stop with the nutraloaf. That’s our goal, to protect our staff and not have them subjected to behavior that the average Vermonter would find incomprehensible.”

Punishment, plain and simple
Seth Lipschutz, an attorney with Vermont’s Prisoner’s Rights office, says the state has a legitimate interest in changing the behavior of inmates who misbehave.

But he says a diet of nutraloaf is punishment, plain and simple. To call it anything else is “playing with words to get what they want. It’s wrong and it’s sad,” Lipschutz said.

“If it’s punishment, you’ve got to follow the rules,” Lipschutz said. “Even in prison you get a little bit of due process.”

Even Hofmann doesn’t care for the taste of the stuff. “It reminded me of eating my vegetables and I’m not necessarily a big fan of vegetables,” he said.

Nutraloaf and its equivalents have been used for decades in prisons across the country. In 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a concoction used in Arkansas known as “‘grue’ might be tolerable for a few days and intolerably cruel for weeks or months.”

Michigan case for guidance
A federal judge ruled in 1988 that the use of nutraloaf by the Michigan Department of Corrections was punishment.

Now, Michigan inmates are only given nutraloaf after going through the disciplinary process that lands them in segregation, department spokesman Russ Marlan said.

“It’s done very infrequently, but it seems to accomplish its goal of preventing prisoners from using or abusing food or their containers in a way that could adversely affect our staff,” Marlan said.

BANKS face the NWO

Source: Reuters – Walden Siew

<strong>NEW YORK – Financial firms face a “new world order” after a weekend fire sale of Bear Stearns and the Federal Reserve’s first emergency weekend meeting since 1979, research firm CreditSights said in a report on Monday.
More industry consolidation and acquisitions may follow after JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Sunday said it was buying Bear Stearns (BSC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) for $236 million, or deep discount of $2 a share, a fraction of the $30 price on Friday and record share price of about $172 last year.

“Last evening the Bear Stearns situation reached a crescendo, as JPMorgan agreed to acquire the wounded broker for a token amount of $2 per share,” CreditSights said. “The reality check is that there are many challenged major banks, brokers, thrifts, finance/mortgage companies, and only a handful of bonafide strong U.S. banks.

CreditSights said it lowered its broker, bank and finance company recommendations to “market weight” due to the credit crisis and stresses in the market.

In the event of future consolidation, potential acquirers identified by CreditSights include JPMorganChase, Wells Fargo, US Bancorp, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America (BAC.N: Quote, Profile, Research), once it works through its recent agreement to acquire Countrywide Financial Corp., (CFC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) the largest U.S. mortgage lender.

Possible foreign bank acquirers include HSBC, Barclays and Canadian firms, said CreditSights, which said the Bear Stearns deal should be good for bondholders.

“The debt side whether at the parent level or on the broker/dealer levels seems to be in rather good shape with the capital structure to be assumed by JPMorgan at deal close,” which is expected in about 90 days, CreditSights said.

Financial stocks are likely to trade lower but the overall market may begin to stabilize, according to Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. credit analyst.

“I view the stabilization of Bear Stearns coupled with the liquidity action by the Fed as constructive for the proper functioning of the lending system,” said Gregory Peters, chief U.S. credit analyst at Morgan Stanley. “Financial stocks will trade lower, but these are important steps in the path of trying to stabilize the credit markets.”

Global stocks fell sharply on Monday, and U.S financial stocks tumbled in early trading, led by a 89 percent slump in Bear Stearns. Lehman Brothers (LEH.N: Quote, Profile, Research) shares sank more than 35 percent.

The cost of protecting Lehman Brothers debt with credit default swaps widened by 40 basis points to 490 basis points, or $490,000 a year for five years to protect $10 million of debt, according to data from Phoenix Partners Group.

Bear Stearns’ credit default swaps narrowed by 380 basis points to 350 basis points, while JP Morgan’s swaps widened by 25 basis points to 215 basis points, according to Phoenix Partners.

Fat Joe Responds To Kay Slay’s “Falling Out” Accusations

The Fat Joe/50 Cent beef has escalated in recent weeks while Papoose and Fat Joe have been busy with their own beef. With all this beef talk, Kay Slay has spoken out regarding the feud and the reason he and Joe had a falling out.

“He and 50 got into a situation, and [Joe] felt I shouldn’t f— with 50 because of the relationship me and him had,” Slay told MTV. “But what it was, I had a relationship with 50 Cent too.”

Joe denied Kay’s claims and shared his side as well.

“Today was the first time I told anyone we wasn’t getting along. <strong><font size=”3″>I treated him like my brother. Took him to my house, cooked for him. I really loved Kay Slay.</font></strong> When I took the beef with 50, his answer to me was, ‘Yo, they got money. I gotta get money with them.’ I was like, ‘Wow.’ Because I got love for him, I never told you, ‘F Kay Slay.’ I never disrespected him. Now, with this Papoose thing, I heard Kay Slay was talking greasy. I don’t think you should do that,” he told MTV before shining light on Kay’s side of the story. “I understood he had a relationship with them…He started shying away from me, and one day I confronted him, and he was like, ‘I get money with them.’ I was like, ‘Wow.’ He just went the other route. It was crazy. It was sad, ’cause I treated him like my brother. I thought he would be my friend 20 years from now.”

Later, Joe also opened up about plans to release his next single.

“The second single is featuring Plies and called ‘Ain’t Saying Nothing,’ … That’s sure to be a banger. That’s produced by Cool &amp; Dre, going straight to the clubs. ‘Cocababy,’ produced by Danjahandz, that’s my favorite song on the album.”