What happens to the juggalo family when insane clown posse sell out ?

One of the biggest lies making the rounds at lotb forums http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/ is that the insane clown posse – icp are a underground band and that juggalos are underground .

Some of the posts proving juggalos and insane clown posse is mainstream while their sheep fans still think they are underground . Icp has gone to a lil wayne concert and will be appearing at a concert with him – lil wayne one of the number one names in mainstream rap just adds to icps non underground image , but theres more. Fans looking to escape and find a band that is picked on and unknown better start looking elsewhere.

ICP plays on MTV = Mainstream

ICp plays on VH1 = Mainstream

ICP merch sells at Hot Topic = Mainstream

ICP attends red carpet events = Mainstream

ICP plays on radio and television music channels = Mainstream

ICP in the news every week = Mainstream

Icp have had mainstream acts such as method man in their so called underground concert = mainstream

ICP and juggalos are parodied on snl every 2 months = mainstream .

Icp has wrestled on wcw and wwe in front of millions of people and had their music played = mainstream.
In the mid 90’s Icp wrestled mid tier in wwe and wcw and were on your tv set weekly
their music was on multiple wrestling cds
they had lets go all the way ,homies and now miracles play non stop on mtv and vh1
they get sent up by Saturday night live 3 times a year and you say they are underground

“It’s not that they used sprite as backers to help jet them into mainstream… along with MTV’s help too. And they wen’t on WWF… can’t get more mainstream than that. If you understand the workings of the music industry, and the role of promotors, you can see that ICP has sold out. And all the jujubies or what ever they call themselves – it’s cool to flash the merch and the symbols, and the bumper stickers…
At some point you have to realizes that it’s become a fashion. They sold out just like the clash. Not in it for the movement, in it for cash.”

I bet even your grandma knows who icp is but probably couldn’t tell you who kanye west is.

Its now time for juggalos to admit they are not a family and the music they like is mainstream as they cannot keep the underground label of other horrorcore artists like esham .

typical juggalo behaviour in denver

from some hypercritical juggalo http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_15129863

Last night, I went around holding a sign that said: “Free Hugs!” But that is not what moved me.

There is a group of kids who come to Sox Place called the Juggalos. They don’t consider themselves a gang. Rather, they consider themselves a family. While they aren’t the most conventional of people, when it comes down to it, they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

One of them even offered to find and “take care” of the person who slashed my tires. I refused, but was told: “You’re family. You don’t mess with family.”

As I passed their usual hangout, I heard “woop WOOP!” and knew I was being greeted. After hugs and smiles, I noted my roommate was hanging out with them, too. He wasn’t dressed in Juggalo black, but he sports a Mohawk that may get him labeled as a “deviant.”

Other than being loud, the Juggalos did not seem to be bothering anyone. Now, I realize that not everyone has the same tolerance level for unexpected behavior as I do. But what happened next didn’t surprise me, yet disturbed me all the same.

Some police officers that patrol the mall pulled up right next to the group of kids. Uniformed officers got out and told them all to sit on the ground. The officers said they were receiving complaints about noise and “deviant behavior.” All the kids were ordered to provide their IDs.

I was told that I couldn’t stay unless I wanted to join them. Part of me wanted to say, “These are my brothers and sisters. If you frisk or arrest them then you’re going to arrest me.” But I didn’t. I obeyed.

Four of the kids ended up in handcuffs. The rest were told to get off of the mall for the night.

Now, I’m not mad at the police for doing their job. While I know that cops are people, too, and make mistakes, I don’t blame them for doing what they’re supposed to do.

Likewise, while I don’t condone some of the behavior of the kids, I can understand why they do it. If I experienced abuse and got told I was worthless, I might do the same things, too.

What I am disturbed about is that cops had to be there in the first place to deal with the kids who were on the streets. I read somewhere that every day, 12 street kids die. Where are these kids’ parents? I know that some circumstances can’t be helped, and I know there are places for kids to go and programs to use.

But when are we going to start doing something about it? What about suffering with them? What about putting ourselves second?

I’m not saying we should all go out and become missionaries to the homeless. But if we see a need and neglect it, who is being the jerk?

Edmund Burke said, “The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” When are we going to start caring for each other? How many people have to suffer before we take it seriously?

Chase Glantz is an intern at Sox Place, a Denver drop-in center for youth located at 20th and Larimer Street in downtown Denver.

Law and Order – Hurts juggalos reputation (or lack Thereof)

We thought we were discouraged because we had missed Monday’s episode of “Law & Order,” which promised to center on the subculture of Juggalos, the fans of the hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse who paint their faces like nightmare versions of children’s entertainers. But the episode, called “Steel-Eyed Death,” was an even greater disappointment to the members of the horrorcore music world, who say the show misrepresented them and their musical scene.

As Maura Johnston writes at theawl.com, the episode seemed to be inspired by a crime that took place last year, in which a 20-year-old aspiring rapper named Richard McCroskey, who performed under the name “Syko Sam,” was arrested and charged with the murder of four people including two teenagers he met through an online music community, and who rapped about murder in his lyrics.

Among the real-life performers who have objected to the “Law & Order” episode are KidCrusher, an Australian rapper whose music was used on the show and was dismayed by the show’s portrayal of horrorcore.

On his MySpace page, KidCrusher wrote the show tried:

to make us all look like criminals and real serial killers (and think we would kill kids?!). They never told me the full details on the episode before I signed the contract for the release of my music video, all they told me was it was going to be based upon a Horrorcore Festival and they needed my music and a video for it. I do not support the fact that people that don’t know who we really are, can be quick to say “ITS A FACT”

On Twitter, the members of the Detroit-based Juggalo act Twiztid wrote that they were “super disappointed” with the show as well. “I understand that the show deals with criminal matters,” the band wrote, “but to take our whole musical genre and following and peg us” as the kind of people who would put “steak knives to little kids necks is taking it WAY toooooo far!”

Twiztid added that the episode is “just simply NOT what we (the Family) represent” and that NBC was “way out of line.”

We’ve sought comment from NBC and will update this post with any response from the network or “Law & Order” producers.

Watch a preview for the “Law & Order” episode “Steel-Eyed Death”:

This is extremely humorous juggalo who rap and threaten people with violence – see the ton of comments on every post , get hurt by being veiwed as gang or cult or violent members of the community .
sorry juggalos the JH is here to stop you .

Juggalette kills kid – Juggalos say “she’s not a real juggalo” – wheres the juggalo family now

Friend: Bustamante Discussed Killing
Teen Girl Accused of Murdering 9-year-Old Spoke to Friend About What it Would Feel Like to Kill

(CBS/ AP) A best friend of a teenage girl accused of murdering a 9-year-old neighbor says her friend once said she wondered what it would be like to kill someone.

Alyssa Bustamante, 15, has been held at the Morgan County jail after being indicted Wednesday as an adult on charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the Oct. 21 death of Elizabeth Olten.

“She (Bustamante) told me I wonder what it would be like to kill somebody,” Jennifer Meyer told CBS’ “The Early Show” Monday.

“I just dismissed her,” Meyer said.

Crimesider: Bustamante Listed “Killing” as a Hobby Online

Reading the responses further down the page that other “Juggalos” have about her proves our point that Juggalos are so quick to disown their so-called “Family” if they reflect poorly on the group overall. :tj:


if u research the topic as i did it states that she repped hatchetgirl.

land of the banned bans icp concert in idaho falls – coments from idaho falls residents about icp


thank god for the great people at our site and in the JH for stopping this concert.

no more icp concert in IDAHO FALLS.

some concerned comments from people in idaho falls about the icp insane clown posse concert banning

“I am glad that ICP will not be coming. Their concerts are often dangerous, hardcore places to be. The growing gang problem in this area does not need any more fuel thrown onto the fire. Their lyrics are often condoning, even encouraging violence against women. We don’t need this kind of energy!”

“the icp show was ultimately canceled by James Adam Slavens due to only selling a couple dozen tickets. HAHAHA!!!”

“ICP has got the be the foulest, raunchiest, most mind numbing excuse for a ‘music group’ that has ever been, and I’m pretty sure the fans are mentally lacking. (Bless their little hearts for the ‘protest’ on the steps of the city council, but get a job!)”

“Comment 15, I couldn’t agree with you more. There is a ton of garbage out there, but in my opinion ICP takes the cake. Do you know any intelligent ICP fans who contribute anything to society? Because of my line of work, I know a fair amount of people who are fans, and they are all welfare collecting leeches.”

“ICP sucks there is no worse group out there and the people that didn’t want the show to happen are stupid! This would be great time for the rest of us to go out and enjoy the town, no scum bags, no welfare collecting fungus it would get all the losers in the same building. How could we ask for more? The city people are crazy to cancel this show they could get 90% of the drugs in this town all in the same building! They would have to rent school buses to take away all the scum bags that show up for this! I cant believe they do not see this as a big opportunity. Come on Idaho Falls City Council lets start thinking!!!”

“lets not give this crappy band and its fans the satisfaction of being talked about. Discussion over!!!”

“I have absolutely no problem with ICP as artists.

What I have a problem with is the majority of local fans.

Every fan that I have met that considers themselves a devout fan, otherwise known as “Juggalos” have a completely warped sense of values.

Remember that violent home invasion last April. That’s right, they were Juggalos. The home they invaded was that of a former Juggalo. They were unhappy he left the group.

ICP didn’t make these fans act this way, every individual has to make that choice on their own. Unfortunately, the majority of ICP fans in our community have decided to act as detriments to society.

If you want community support, do something to earn it.

When was the last time you saw any group of “Juggalos” in southeast Idaho doing something to help the community? Food drives? Charity fundraisers? Clothing the homeless?

Oh that’s right, they have better things to do.

Like invade people’s homes and beat innocent people.

My mistake. ”

“this is getting so stupid Juggalo’s, Juggalette’s gangs, Family’s, you are all kidding right? this is just all a big joke? I cant believe you ICP people take this so serious as to make up stupid names for yourselves. this is like a little JR high forum and the cheerleaders are all fighting over who is the most popular. ICP sucks and any other clown oriented idiots please go away!!!!”