Juggalo says insane clown posse gang going to kill cops


MUNCIE — Don’t blame a couple of Muncie police officers if they are on the lookout for a pair of musicians dressed as “wicked clowns.”

A Marion man arrested early Friday after causing a disturbance at a southside Muncie home warned two officers he was a “Juggalo” — a name given to fans of Insane Clown Posse, a Detroit-based hip hop duo.

Joshua Michael Fosnough, 34, also told the officers “his boys” — Insane Clown Posse — were going to kill them, an affidavit said.

Fosnough — preliminarily charged with intimidation, public intoxication, resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct — was being held in the Delaware County jail under $7,500 bond.

He was arrested about 12:30 a.m. after police received a report of a disturbance in the 100 block of East Ninth Street. They reported finding a man — later identified as Fosnough — “being very loud (and) cursing,” according to an affidavit.

According to court records, Fosnough’s criminal history includes convictions for intimidation, domestic battery, residential entry, possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance.



ICP – Missing link lost review – 100 samples and voice modulators mixed with fisher price raps and rehashes

Marvelous missing link is one of the crappiest and laziest icp albums – ICP trying so hard to revive the past they are destroying their future -one song uses so many voice modulators and sound effects its listenable . Confederate flag is just rebel flag badly remade . Vomit is ass . How and you should know are the best beats on the album… they fucking destroy it with lines like “fuck my dad i wanna slaughter thee ” . I see the devil the outro probably only worthwhile track on the album but also has issues with random yelling and the slow guitar and singing at the end – Have to wash my eardurms out with some PTAB

What happens to the juggalo family when insane clown posse sell out ?

One of the biggest lies making the rounds at lotb forums http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/ is that the insane clown posse – icp are a underground band and that juggalos are underground .

Some of the posts proving juggalos and insane clown posse is mainstream while their sheep fans still think they are underground . Icp has gone to a lil wayne concert and will be appearing at a concert with him – lil wayne one of the number one names in mainstream rap just adds to icps non underground image , but theres more. Fans looking to escape and find a band that is picked on and unknown better start looking elsewhere.

ICP plays on MTV = Mainstream

ICp plays on VH1 = Mainstream

ICP merch sells at Hot Topic = Mainstream

ICP attends red carpet events = Mainstream

ICP plays on radio and television music channels = Mainstream

ICP in the news every week = Mainstream

Icp have had mainstream acts such as method man in their so called underground concert = mainstream

ICP and juggalos are parodied on snl every 2 months = mainstream .

Icp has wrestled on wcw and wwe in front of millions of people and had their music played = mainstream.
In the mid 90’s Icp wrestled mid tier in wwe and wcw and were on your tv set weekly
their music was on multiple wrestling cds
they had lets go all the way ,homies and now miracles play non stop on mtv and vh1
they get sent up by Saturday night live 3 times a year and you say they are underground

“It’s not that they used sprite as backers to help jet them into mainstream… along with MTV’s help too. And they wen’t on WWF… can’t get more mainstream than that. If you understand the workings of the music industry, and the role of promotors, you can see that ICP has sold out. And all the jujubies or what ever they call themselves – it’s cool to flash the merch and the symbols, and the bumper stickers…
At some point you have to realizes that it’s become a fashion. They sold out just like the clash. Not in it for the movement, in it for cash.”

I bet even your grandma knows who icp is but probably couldn’t tell you who kanye west is.

Its now time for juggalos to admit they are not a family and the music they like is mainstream as they cannot keep the underground label of other horrorcore artists like esham .

Juggalos try and deny Jared Loughner is no longer a juggalo


Jared Loughner the vile criminal of the arizona shooting / tuscon shooting is now being denied as being a member of the juggalo family by juggalos on-line

check out the truth with his myspace right here , where jared loughner talks about the music of the insane clown posse , days before his hideous crimes.

More juggalo stuff was found on his youtube and myspace.

ICP and Juggalos at Bamboozle festival – Warning to all attendees

Insane clown posse have sold out and gone mainstream playing at Bamboozle festival. However icp and juggalos selling out is not the main problem with this, The safty for all non juggalo attendees is the main issue, please watch out and keep safe from juggalos and their actions , such as flying rocks and bottles . juggalos pouring soda on innocent people ruining clothes in the name of faygo showers or robbing you blind . Worst move ever for Bamboozle. I don’t want to deal with Juggalos ruining Bamboozle. Does Bamboozle NOT understand how much crap is gonna happen because of this.

Sugar Slam Toy Drive = Failure – Juggalos Pirate and steal from sick kids

A while ago the Insane Clown Posse ran a toy drive where for every toy donated the juggalo who donated said toy would receive the album Holiday heat for free. While this toy drive might of been a commendable act and good PR for the insane clown posse , The vast majority of juggalos have not donated a toy and pirated the album , and those that have ended up selling the album on ebay for a quick buck – Stealing Toys from sick children and robbing from charity.

While this juggalo toy drive was supposed to show that juggalos are not all bad and are good people who give to charity ,Most likely created to try and repair their image of a violent gang who attack females like Tila Tequila, Sugar Slams toy drive has failed and now she will be weeping after the vast majority of juggalos pirated the album – holiday heat and donated nothing , ruining many sick and poor childrens Christmases – Whoop whoop has now been replaced by Bah Humbug.

I think its time to change the lyrics to Santas a Fat Bitch from

Santa Claus is a fat bitch
Another year and I aint get shit


Juggalos are a big fat bitch – Another Year and sick children aint getting shit.

How esham Created the word juggalo to describe a fan of icp

The first time the word Juggalo was used to describe a fan of The insane clown posse was by esham on the song CHOP CHOP – from the album Beverly Kills 50187.
The song opens to some stupid audio recording but then proceeds with esham saying JUGGALOS JUGGALAS JUGGALOS…
The way the word juggalo was invented all begun from the esham verse of that song “If I juggle then call me a juggla” .. he then recorded the intro when mixing the album – notice some older lyric sites have eshams opening line as juggles ,juggles ,juggles as the word juggalo was non existent at that time.
From that moment on juggalos have been synonymous with insane clown posse as fans took the name esham gave them as their own.
Juggalos owe their name-right to esham .

What do icp think of juggalos


Lyrics – Icp What is a Juggalo

(vocal ad lib)What is a juggalo? Lemme think for a second. (well? )

Oh, he gets butt naked.And then he walks through the street winkin’ at freaks,Wit a two-liter stuck in his butt-cheeks! (person with problems who enjoys buttsecks and sexual harasment )

What is a juggalo? He drinks like a fish,And then he starts huggin’ people like a drunk bitch . (alcoholic and drug abuser)

Next thing he’s pickin’ fights with his best friends,Then he starts with the huggin’ again, (fights with people for no reason)

What is a juggalo? A fuckin’ lunatic.

What is a juggalo? A dead body.Well he ain’t really dead, but he ain’t like anybody That you’ve ever met before. (JH)

What is a juggalo? He’ll walk through to the hills and beat down a rich boy. (gets in fights because they cant work)

What is a juggalo? He’s a graduate.He graduated from……well,At least he’s got a job, he’s not a dumb putz,He works for himself scratchin’ his nuts, ha! (At least icp is honest juggalos are stupid and dont have jobs)

What is a juggalo? A hulkamaniac.He powerbombs mutha fuckas into thumbtacks. (disrespecting hulk hogan by association)

People like him till they find out he’s unstable. (Juggalos need medication)

He sabued ya mama through a coffee table.(will attack innocent women)

What is a juggalo?

So there you have it from the mouth of icp , What is a juggalo ? A mentally challenge hater whos gang beats up rich people , cannot work and cannot pass school needs medication and will beat up innocent women.

Thanks Icp for doing work of the Juggalo holocaust for us.


Esham – Druggalo – punch a juggalo day this halloween

The Song for punch a juggalo day this halloween.

ut the attack on Tila Tequila and Method Man at the gathering of the juggalos is Eshams song druggalo .
Esham fights back against icp and juggalos once again this time its not subliminal for you juggalo clowns
Esham disses all juggalos and disses the last ever gathering of the juggalos
also help support punch a juggalo day this halloween .

Im a druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
we don’t like pretty chicks
show em our dicks and make them drink piss
Im a Druggalo i aint no hip hop fan
Hit you in the face with a beer can like method man
Im a Druggalo no this ain’t no wu tang
get up out of here with this shit you aint no pooty tang
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo

Im a Druggalo looking for tila tequila
i got a rock in my hand when i see ya
ima brick ya
cos i know i cant dig ya
had to pay ya for some money and trick ya
to get ya down here
cos you woudnt a came
girl all you know all zombies want is some brains
we them scary kids
Im a Druggalo
in the woods
and i dont have a flash light
Im a Druggalo
in the woods
and i didn’t wash my ass right
Im a Druggalo
This ain’t no gimmick
thats like talking about the special Olympics
Im a Druggalo
don’t get me started
you know im fucking retarded



JH – Stop juggalo gangs graffiti schools

Because juggalos are uneducated now they use their anger to spray rude words onto schools , nice job icp .

“It just shocks me that somebody would do this,” said Alma Yates, principal of Highland Primary School in Snowflake, which was one of the targets of some very vulgar graffiti.

Also vandalized during the early morning hours of Thursday, June 17, were the Town of Snowflake’s old water tank, Fredrickson Park and the skate park.

Some of the graffiti had gang reference. ICP was written, which Snowflake-Taylor Police officers said was a reference to the rock group Insane Clown Posse, which performed in concert on June 11 in Tempe. There was a swastika, and vulgarities were used abundantly and painted on all signs at the skate park, as well as garbage cans and bathrooms at Fredrickson Park.

Cliff Crow, a maintenance worker for the Snowflake School District, said it would be difficult to cover. The buildings at Highland Primary are covered with stucco or brick. Crews were out trying to take off as much paint as possible, and then they will paint over it, which puts new paint on parts of the building. There is a concern that the graffiti will bleed through, especially on the stucco.

Recreation and Parks Director Don Camacho said that it will cost the town more than $600 to repair damage at the skate park, which will be closed until further notice. That does not include the cost for clean up at Fredrickson Park or the water tank.

“We live in a great community. When a few individuals (juggalos) decided to do something like this and deface public property, I’m a little saddened, especially by the vulgarity and lack of sensitivity displayed there. Certainly we’re not happy about it,” said Snowflake School Superintendent Hollis Merrell. “That’s another frustrating part about this, our maintenance crews are going to have to be pulled off their regular work to hurry and get this cleaned up.”

“Some of the recent graffiti that has been discovered appears to be gang related, with some of it not identified as gang related,” said Snowflake-Taylor Police Chief Jerry VanWinkle. “However, the damage that was received was not only alarming, but if the violators are caught, they are facing felony charges.  This case is under investigation with some possible leads.

“The graffiti as you are coming into Taylor from Show Low is gang related and alarming. I am working on a graffiti town ordinance to present to both towns, which gives the town authority to enter private property to clean up the graffiti after a reasonable request to the owners.

“I would just encourage all citizens to help out by being an extra set of eyes and ears, and report suspicious activity or potential crimes that they witness. Our community matters, and everyone needs to participate in policing by being alert and reporting to the police or WeTip any suspicious activity. The WeTip program is very effective, and the citizens of Snowflake and Taylor can receive a reward if their information helps solve these crimes. They can call 1-800-782-7463.”

Photo by Naomi Hatch

In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 17, graffiti was painted on Highland Primary School, the old Snowflake water tank, Fredrickson Park and the skate park. Nate Click, who is on the maintenance crew at the Snowflake School District, was among those out early trying to clean up the vulgarity left behind.

If Juggalos cant even take care of dogs , how can they take care of children

Juggalos and Followers of the insane clown posse cant even raise pets .

STERLING HEIGHTS — Kadie Russell and Justin Baker desperately want their dogs to come home, but “even if they won’t give them back to us,” said Russell, “we just want them to live.”

The couple’s four dogs — part boxer, part pit bull — are held at the Macomb County Animal Shelter in Clinton Township pending the outcome of a June 28 court hearing in 41-A District Court.

Police confiscated the animals June 1 after the dogs allegedly attacked Warren resident James Stempnik, 59, while he was riding his bicycle near Metropolitan Parkway and Mound around 1:18 p.m.

Stempnik said he was heading to Dodge Park from his home near 14 Mile and Ryan when he spotted the barking dogs in a yard at the corner of Almont and Metro Parkway.

He continued past the fence, assuming they were contained, but he later learned they had gotten loose from Baker and Russell’s house next door and had wandered into a neighbor’s unsecured yard.

Within seconds, he said, they were chasing him, pursuing him for nearly 2 1/2 blocks as they latched onto his right foot and left calf. He eventually halted his bike, fearful of crashing.

“It’s very painful,” he recalled. “It’s just gushing blood. I’m sure I screamed.”

Stempnik said he attempted to fend off the dogs with a camera encased in a plastic grocery bag, but the camera flew out and broke, leaving him with only an empty bag to wave at them.

Soon after, “somebody pulled off of 16 Mile and got out of their car, and people in general started stopping their cars,” he said. “I’m sure they were calling 911. I was very grateful for that, very thankful for that. I’m … very fortunate that I was on a busy road in the middle of the afternoon.”

Passersby gave Stempnik a bath towel and disinfectant to dress his wounds, while another person smacked the sidewalk with a baseball bat to distract the animals.

Police and animal control officers were able to catch two of the dogs near 16 Mile and Mound, and the other two deeper into a nearby subdivision, said Sterling Heights Police Lt. Dale Dwojakowski.

Russell, 20, now faces ordinance violations for vicious dog attack and possessing unlicensed dogs. She said she’s willing to take responsibility for her pets’ escape and feels terrible about the incident — “We feel bad that somebody was bit; our heart goes out to him and his family,” she said — but doesn’t want the dogs, which she deems puppies, to pay with their lives.

She said she’s convinced someone released the animals from her fenced backyard in the 36900 block of Almont. After the incident, she said, she found a latch on the inner part of the gate broken and a wooden stake, sunken into the ground outside the gate, moved.

She said she and Baker, 22, had added the stake and lined the bottom of the fence with chicken wire and bricks to make sure the dogs couldn’t burrow out.

Though multiple “Beware of Dog” signs are taped to their fence and porch, Russell and Baker insist the animals — named Blumpkin, Juggalo Jay, Poopstain and Jamie Madrox — have never been violent.

Baker said they host barbecues almost weekly and frequently have in excess of 25 guests, including children, at their home. He said they’ve gotten letters signed by their veterinarian, attesting that the animals aren’t aggressive.

“They’re puppies,” said Russell, who said she bought the dogs for $300 last fall from acquaintances going through a home foreclosure in Eastpointe. “They like to roughhouse and play.”

Baker and Russell allege some of their neighbors have antagonized the animals in the past by yelling, throwing rocks and spraying water at them. They said a woman recently approached them to say that, just prior to the attack, she saw intoxicated men kicking the dogs near Rosie O’Grady’s, a bar on Mound.

While they’re allowed to visit the dogs at the shelter, as of June 11, Russell said they hadn’t because they wouldn’t be allowed to touch them.

“I just can’t see my dogs without being able to hold them,” she said. “They’re like my kids. I love them just like I love my daughter.”

Russell said the dogs are her constant companions while she’s recuperating at home from chemotherapy treatments for a softball-sized tumor lodged between her heart and lungs.

“These dogs — they’re there when everybody else is gone,” she said, while Baker added, “It’s empty now without them here. The whole house is empty.”

Russell said she believes that fewer people would be concerned with the incident if the dogs weren’t part pit bull.

“If this would have been four pugs, or four poodles, or four Dalmatians,” she said, “it wouldn’t have even been an issue.”

Lt. Luke Riley of the Sterling Heights Police Department said the dogs’ fate will be determined by the upcoming hearing. Had Baker and Russell not been able to supply documentation of the animals’ vaccinations, shelter officials would have euthanized the dogs to test for rabies, he said.

Stempnik — treated by paramedics on the scene and administered antibiotics and a tetanus shot later — said he’s mending slowly. He’s been able to work, perform household chores and ride his bike, he said, but his ankles and wrist remain tender.

He said he’s unsure what outcome he’s hoping for in court.

“I really defer to the officials in Sterling Heights,” he said. “They have a protocol that has to be followed. I’m not asking for any special consideration or anything like that.

“I personally think the dogs were in this pack mentality,” he added. “I was there, I saw them: They were circling. I think the dogs, (in) my opinion, they’re a nuisance because there are four of them. They had this pack mentality that they were not going to stop.”

Stempnik said how the dogs escaped means little to him; the bottom line is, they did.

“What kind of incident do you need — when some school kid is hurt, when it’s a mom pushing a stroller?” he said. “I don’t think (it’s the fault of) the dogs in and of themselves; they’re just doing what dogs do. It’s up to us to control them … us being humans.” (JUGGALOS ARE SUB HUMAN AS THEY CANT RAISE DOGS)

He said he was still in the process of wading through insurance coverage details and hadn’t yet contacted an attorney — and wasn’t sure if he would. At press time, he had not spoken to Baker or Russell about the incident.

Juggaloism – the 6 Stages of Juggaloism

Stages of Juggaloism

Stage One- Pre Birth:
This occurs before you know Insane Clown Posse exists. You know you’re different. You don’t conform with society. You see the world differently than most and aren’t sure where your view fits in.

Stage Two- The Awakening:
You are introduced to I.C.P. A friend may introduce you, or you may hear a song on the radio. Maybe you see someone sporting a shirt and think “I wonder what that’s all about.” It can happen in many ways, but from here on out nothing is the same. You start to discover the magic that is the Dark Carnival. You being to find that place where your view belongs.

Stage Three- Clown Boy:
This is the stage that most people resist. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a clown boy (or fanboy, or hound dog…take your pick), but we’ve ALL been there. This is where I.C.P. and Psychopathic are the WORLD to you. You want all the merchandise, memorize all the songs, and follow blindly the lead of Joe, Joey and the Psychopathic machine. The most common symptoms of being in this stage are: calling ANYONE a Juggahoe, dissing anyone for not having as much merchandise as you or not knowing every lyric to every song on every Psychopathic album, believing everything that J says, and generally defending Psychopathic in everything they do, even when they are wrong. Some are more obvious in this stage than others, but believe me, you too will be / are / once were a clown boy. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

Stage Four- Disillusionment:
This is where you start seeing cracks in the perfect structure that is the Juggalo World. It happens different for all of us. Something will plant a seed of doubt in the world you’ve emersed yourself in. Maybe you meet Shaggy and he’s rude to you. Perhaps you start to see that Psychopathic Records is no different then other record company, and that their main goal is to make money. You start doubting the “Family” and all the hype that come with it. This is the hardest stage to get through. All the faith you put into Psychopathic starts to crumble, and you begin to feel lost once again.

Stage Five- Realization:
The last stage. This is when you finally figure it out. Being a Juggalo isn’t about the merchandise or knowing what kind of pudding Shaggy likes. It’s not about hating / liking things just cause I.C.P. says so. It’s about being YOU. This is about being your own person and not letting anyone tell you how you should be, think, act, or dress. It’s about a community of people that have had similar experiences and feelings as you. We have a connection together….even if we don’t always get along or agree.

Stage Six- Joining The Juggalo Holocaust:
Self explanatory.

Comments from juggalo mmfwcl

Comments from juggalo

i live in Chicago 2 bitch im goin this year 2 i see a holocaust shirt im bombin on yo bitch ass no words juss me stompin yo head in bitch sayin u gnna kill me hahahahahaahahahahahahahhhah kill me? bitch please ypu fag bitch i dont care if i know what u look like still gnna knock your teeth out yo mouth BITCH SAY SUMMIN 815 FO LIFE

you don’t do shit and don’t tell no one there u hate juggalos you are a fake and fake wanna b tough guy i cant wait till Illinois has carry permits pistols popping on yo bitch ass hahahahahahh juggalos for life and 815 till i die


He blocked me before I could reply back.  cry

Comments from juggalo

Police always prepare when Icp comes to town

Two people were stabbed at Wendy’s on East Colfax Avenue Monday evening and police have arrested a suspect who they believe was likely attending the Insane Clown Posse concert at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Police were investigating the motive behind the stabbings in the Wendy’s parking lot at East Colfax and Emerson Street. Prior to the arrest, police had been on the lookout for a suspect wearing white pants and a white shirt and face paint.

The victims were transported to Denver Health Medical Center in critical condition.

The stabbing took place shortly before the Insane Clown Posse concert at the Fillmore.

“Police always prepare when this band comes to town,” said Lt. Matt Murray of the Denver Police Department.

Juggalette Tess Damm -Lafayette teen murderer Tess Damm to remain in juvenile lock-up

Tess Damm, the Lafayette teen convicted of helping to kill her mother more than three years ago, will remain an inmate at a juvenile corrections facility rather than being transferred to an adult prison, a judge ruled this afternoon.

Boulder County District Judge James Klein concluded that state officials did not sufficently demonstrate that Damm was no longer benefiting from the programs offered at the youth corrections facility in which she is housed.

The ruling, which happened behind locked doors at a hearing that was not open to the public, was confirmed by Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office recently requested to transfer Damm to an adult facility in part because she allegedly hatched a plan to strangle a guard as part of an attempt to escape.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office objected to a transfer because it believed that doing so would shorten the amount of time Damm will have to serve on her sentence.

Damm was sentenced in 2008 to 23 years in prison – with the first five to be served in a juvenile facility – for her role in helping her boyfriend, Bryan Grove, murder her mother, Linda Damm, in her Lafayette home in February 2007.

She was 15 at the time of her mother’s murder.

Garnett declined to say anything further about Tuesday’s hearing because of Klein’s order to close it to the public and the media on the grounds that Damm has the right to keep discussion and testimony about her clinical and therapeutic evaluations private.

Klein, in denying the Camera’s request Tuesday to open the proceedings, called the hearing a “juvenile matter” that is governed by the “Children’s Code” under Colorado state law.

It’s not clear why the court considers Damm a juvenile when she turned 18 last summer.

I say send her! Like I said before, if she can do an adult crime, let her do adult time!! She should get a taste of “Big Girl” prison life. And with that “trademark long blonde hair”, I bet she will make all sorts of new “special” friends! I’m guessing it is much different that the slumber party she has been living!

And a little girl trying to strangle a guard with a shoelace? Might as well have been a piece of spaghetti! Come on! Did she really think that would work?? LOL Go back to kindergarten honey!! Opps! Sorry!! You can’t!! LOL


Water, fire, air and dirt
Fucking magnets, how do they work?

on the song miracles icp ask how magnets work here is how magnets work

A magnet (from Greek μαγνήτις λίθος magnḗtis líthos, Magnesian stone) is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials like iron and attracts or repels other magnets.


Media Credit: amazon.com

Music carries many different meanings; some people prefer country, while others prefer rock. However, I am not sure there are words to describe Insane Clown Posse’s newest album Bang! Pow! Boom!, which surprisingly is not part of a cereal’s slogan.

The album exhibits many genres of music, from rap to rock, and then a double-shot of downright awful. This album is already in the running for worst album of the year in my opinion, and it’s only the beginning of April.

The album starts off with a track of a demonic-sounding voice talking about someone coming to perform a cleansing. The third track, “In Yo Face,” includes thought provoking and clever lyrics such as, “Phonies out there posing as Juggalos/But see it as a demographic to push what-have-it/In yo face!” They do, however, let the listener know that they are delivering “something special for you” and that “they have you covered, homie.” Apparently, they went to the cemetery and resurrected the word “homie” from 2001.

If I had to pick one good song on the album, I couldn’t. It is terrible from start to finish. The beats are amateur and at times have absolutely zero rhythm to them. The lyrics sound like a sixth-grader just figured out he could curse and is throwing out as many words as possible to impress his friends. Half of them make no sense at all and the other half are just self-indulgent. Rapper Shaggy does throw a shout out to his mother and thanks her for his time on the Earth. You have to give credit to a guy for knowing his roots.

Overall, Bang! Pow! Boom! is just a terrible album. It isn’t even one of those records where it’s so bad it’s good. Don’t waste your money, and don’t buy this album. If you do, you will wish that the song “Imma Kill You” carried a little truth in advertising.

Police Officer Safety – JUGGALOS and JUGGALETTES

Page 1
Date 07-06-06
This group (Juggalos) has recently surfaced… where they attacked 23 people in three separate attacks the week
of June 19th
. There were 7-8 men in their late 20s, claiming they were “Juggalos”. The victims were beaten
with sticks, threatened with a machete or robbed of cell phones, shoes, and wallets. ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
graffiti has also been present in the area… They are tagging, wearing black bandanas, and fighting with the
Surenos (Hispanic street gang). There have been fights, cross-outs of graffiti, and forcible taking of black
bandanas. In February 2006, an Insane Clown Posse follower, Jacob Robida, 18, used a hatchet and gun to
attack three patrons in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and then fled. He was later captured in
Arkansas after a 16-mile police chase, but during the capture, he killed his female passenger, then killed a
police officer. He was then shot by police and later died. Although this group has not yet been labeled as a
traditional “Street Gang” they are starting to commit crimes (as in above case) where they are claiming they are
Juggalos, which does constitute the labeling of a gang.
The Juggalos and Juggalettes (females) have a heavy presence on the East Coast and rapidly growing across the
US with members in the thousands. They are followers with a true addiction to the Insane Clown Posse (one of
the most hated bands in the world) and have based an entire life style around them. They do not jump in to a
gang, but they are very dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse and each other. They claim no violence, but this is
not true
. The make-up of this group is mainly Caucasian. They have lines of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia,
etc. Most that claim Juggalo or Juggalette will have tattoos. They also follow other bands such as the Dark
Lotus, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Jumpsteady, Psychopatic Rydas, etc. These are all violent, sinister and vulgar
rap/rock groups. The Insane Clown Posse began in the early 90s out of Detroit, giving themselves the identity of
clowns to better fit in while preaching the messages of the “Dark Carnival.” The Juggalos can be identified by
heavy clown make-up (sadistic wicked-type faces and jester style), tattoos, clothing, and specific music
possessions. The hatchet man (tattoo above) is the most common tattoo as it is the symbol of the Insane Clown
Posse record label, “Psychopathic Records”. The hatchet can be seen in numerous colors. They also tattoo other
music groups they follow – “ICP”, “Dark Lotus” (tattoo above), etc., along with many other types of tattoos.
They wear dark clothing, but do like to also dress in bright clown colors, dye their hair in bright colors, and
wear Mohawks. They like to stand out and be noticed. They tag areas with “ICP”, “Dark Lotus”, etc. They also
have their own hand signs.
Excerpt from internet: “A Juggalo is someone who doesn’t give a f_ _k what people think about them. They have
entered the world of the Dark Carnival and Insane Clown Posse because they themselves have been considered clowns,
buffoons, idiots, and freaks. Being a Juggalo reflects an entire lifestyle and state of mind… it is something that is
impossible to define, even for a Juggalo. To understand what a Juggalo is, you must truly be a Juggalo.”
There is an ongoing dispute with the Insane Clown Posse and Eminem – you may see reference to him in
graffiti and tattoos. The ICP also references the “Dark Carnival” in their lyrics, which to all Juggalos is
“GOD.” It is the ultimate heaven for Juggalos, “where they will experience paradise and never have to worry.


Planet Lotb Post of The Day – Juggalos Found doing terrible things

Post of The Day - Juggalos Found doing terrible things

WOW JUST WOW …killuminiti bringing some crazy posts

Wednesday, March 16th, 2010

A federal drug raid occurred on the
morning of March 16th, 2010 at about 6am. When authorities busted down
the door to search and seize the home, four males with clown paint were
found having anal sex in a ritualistic manor.

“In my ten years
of being a federal agent, I’ve never seen such horrible things in my
life.” One DEA agent commented. “Three of them were having sex while
listening to horrorcore rap group Insane clown posse and the other was
spraying faygo brand soda on them while slicing his penis with a small
razor blade.”

Besides the homoerotic happenings, three ounces of crack cocaine and a small bag of acid was found.

four males, whose names were not yet released, claimed themselves as
“juggalos.” One of the suspects, the owner of the home and the one who
was slicing his penis while spraying faygo brand soda, attempted to
flee via window. Following procedure, one agent pulled his tazer gun
and quickly pulled the trigger in the suspects general direction. The
suspect’s luck must have been terrible because the tazer hit him
directly on the backside of his scrotum, needless to say, the suspect
didn’t get anywhere and was quickly restrained.

Despite the
terrible events the federal agents have went through, all four suspects
were charged with possession of crack cocaine and LSD. Three suspects
are being held at a local jail and the other is still in the hospital
receiving treatment. His testicles were badly burned from the tazer and
his penis is being removed due to extensive mutilation. He is to be
sent to a psych ward due to the ritualistic penis slicing. He is being
evaluated to see if he can withstand trial.

Juggalos commiting more crimes = Cult with gang mentality or gang with cult mentality

And there are those who like to claim that violence and vulgarity in icps music doesn’t influence young people in a negative way. It’s just “artistic expression.”

They could have at least chosen a band that has a more sinister name, as opposed to the likes of “Clown Posse.”


STOCKTON – You’ve heard of the Bloods and Crips, Norteños and Sureños – reviled criminal street gangs known for violent turf wars, graffiti and drugs sales.

But the Juggalos?

While there is no universal agreement, law enforcement officials across the country have begun to tag them as an emerging gang.

Now, the Juggalos, who style themselves after a Detroit-based rap-rock group, are up to no good in Stockton, according to a local prosecutor. He believes one man’s status in the gang played a role in an attempted hatchet murder.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Mark Ott – on top of the attempted murder count – has charged Chad Campbell, 21, with a street terrorism for his ties to the alleged gang.

Ott, who offers few details of the case, said that Monday, he will lay out evidence in court and let a judge decide if Campbell goes on to a jury trial.

Ott believes Campbell would be the first Juggalo to be tried in San Joaquin County.

“We believe we have the facts to prove it,” Ott said.

Juggalos – or Juggalettes for women – are devotees of a rock-rap group based in Detroit called Insane Clown Posse. The music group indulges in raw lyrics replete with irreverent profanity and violence.

The group’s fans – mostly white – wear heavy face paint to resemble sinister clowns. The consider themselves a family. The Juggalos’ uniting symbol is a hatchet man, the insignia of the rap group’s recording label, Psychopathic Records.

Representatives of Psychopathic Records and Insane Clown Posse did not respond to requests for comment.

Police in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah have arrested people on gang charges for committing crimes on behalf of the Juggalos. A Modesto judge last year ordered four people to stand trial following a violent attack linked to the so-called gang at Graceada Park.

Campbell was arrested Nov. 8 in Stockton after police said he attacked a man near El Dorado and California streets with a hatchet. The 21-year-old victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries to his head.

The man survived the attack, but prosecutors also charged Campbell with mayhem for permanently disabling the victim, said Ott. The prosecutor said he believes the law is on his side, especially when it comes to the gang charge.

Ott wouldn’t say if Campbell was dressed in Juggalo clothing, has tattoos or wore a painted face during the alleged attack. He prefers to present his evidence in court.

But Ott explained that a criminal street gang by definition is an ongoing association of three or more people with a common sign who actively engage in criminal behavior.

“We have that pattern,” Ott said. “We’re going to put that on in the preliminary hearing.”

Contacted at the San Joaquin County Jail, Campbell declined a request for an interview. His attorney, San Joaquin County Deputy Public Defender Michael Moore, did not return repeated calls.

Outside observers say they’ll wait to hear more evidence before buying into a Juggalo gang label.

Ultimately, a jury will decide the case after hearing all of the evidence, said Frank Scafiti, a former FBI agent based in Sacramento who now works for the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

From what he knows, Scafidi said he’s not totally convinced the gang charges fit.

By analogy, he said it is like trying to hang a bank robbery on the president because somebody wearing a face mask in his likeness perpetrated the crime. Author Tom Clancy in the 1990s wrote a spy novel describing a scenario similar to the 9/11 attacks.

“Is Tom Clancy now somewhat responsible for the events of 9/11?” Scafidi said. “Of course not.”

Matthew Donahue, a pop culture professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, said there are thousands of Juggalos across the country who emulate the Insane Clown Posse, wearing face paint to their concerts.

Naturally, a few are going to end up in trouble, but Donahue said that doesn’t mean the entire fan-base is part of a criminal structure. Besides, he finds it hard to believe the Insane Clown Posse would condone the criminal activity.

“My guess is not,” Donahue said. “That will be detrimental to their career.”

Said Paul Mohler of the Texas Attorney General’s Office in an online presentation warning officers of potential Juggalo violence: “All Juggalos aren’t gangsters, but some gangsters are Juggalos.”

Contact reporter Scott Smith at (209) 546-8296 or ssmith@recordnet.com.


Teachers informed of juggalo and icp gangs and gang signs

ENID — Local teachers have long maintained they’ve seen signs of gang activity in Enid Public Schools, and information provided during a Monday professional day by Enid Police Officer Steve Miller confirmed for many that gangs are active in Enid.

Miller, who currently is a K-9 officer but also has worked in narcotics and has special training in gang activity, told a standing-room-only workshop Monday there are several gang associations in Enid.

He spoke as part of a day-long professional day training for EPS teachers. Teachers selected several seminars to attend, and Miller talked to a group of teachers about the primary gang associations he’s seen in Enid, including Crips, Bloods, MS-13 and Insane Clown Posse (ICP).

Miller said the appeal of being in a gang includes respect, reputation and revenge.

While gang members may have a twisted ideology of what those things mean, he said those three things are evident in every gang since the beginning of gang activity.

He said much of the gang activity that is in Enid began with gang organizations started on the West Coast back in the 1970s.

“Enid has a large population of ICP, Bloods, Crips and MS-13,” Miller said. The police officer spoke to teachers about some of the colors and signs worn by members of these gangs.

Members of the these gangs have traditionally adopted certain professional sports team colors and wear the jerseys of those teams. They’ve also adopted certain signs or symbols that can be seen on their clothes and also by “tagging” property, such as spray painting graffiti on property.

Teachers in the room nodded their heads in agreement with some of the information Miller was presenting.

He maintains the Bloods and Crips associations in Enid are often long-time family relations, saying he’s arrested sons, daughters and fathers from the same gangs. They mainly operate in selling drugs in the community, he said.

MS-13 is the largest gang in the United States, Miller said, and is primarily a Hispanic gang.

A relatively new group, and one he says many young people in Enid associate with — and one many of the teachers said they see on a regular basis — is the Insane Clown Posse.

Miller said they are less violent than the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 groups, but they still are dangerous. The ICP originated out of Detroit in the 1990s from a rap duo with KISS-like face paint, and they claim they mainly are “appreciators of music,” Miller said. Followers of ICP say they shouldn’t be classified as a gang just because they dress differently and listen to a certain type of music.

He said these young people like to go to the metro areas to go to concerts, they often wear outrageous outfits and paint their faces, and they have a fascination with knives and swords. Miller said they call themselves Juggalos, and their mascot is a cartoonish silhouette of a man carrying a hatchet.

He said many of the kids drink orange soda, specifically a brand called Faygo. He added they have a fascination with championship wrestling.

The crimes they have committed are primarily burglaries,attacks on the homeless and school children Miller said.

Teachers said they have seen the hatchet man logo on cars and also as tattoos on students.

Miller said many of the ICP will “grow out of” their association with the gang as they get older.

Miller said the motorcycle gang Mongols also is active in Enid. He said 99 percent of motorcycle riders are not affiliated with any kind of gang, but the Mongols are “one percenters,” who operate in drug dealing and other crimes. Oklahoma members will wear a leather vest or jacket that has Mongols Oklahoma on it.

another juggalo commiting crimes

An alleged Juggalo gang member working with killa mo 187 was in the Clark County Jail on Friday, four days after being arrested for allegedly breaking into a unit of the Sunpointe Apartments in Cascade Park and setting a fire.

Randall Gene Leroy, 23, has been charged with first-degree arson and residential burglary, according to a probable-cause declaration filed by John Fairgrieve, senior deputy prosecutor and team leader of the Major Crimes Unit.

The crime surfaced about 6:30 a.m. Nov. 1, when Vancouver police and firefighters were called to apartment D-52 of the complex at 900 S.E. Park Crest Ave.

When they arrived, they found the sliding glass door smashed and that someone had used lighter fluid to set fire to a couch cushion that burned carpeting, the court document said.

Someone had left graffiti on the inside of the front door that read “JRB 4 LIFE,” allegedly a Juggalo gang tag, the document said.

A Vancouver police arson investigator said his investigation, in part looking at Leroy’s MySpace page, led to him.

Police found Leroy at 3311 E. 18th St. on Monday and arrested him, court papers say.

Leroy told police a woman asked him to break into the apartment and steal jewelry, a computer, a TV and clothing, and paid him cash and drugs for committing the crimes, court papers say.

Leroy is being held on $50,000 bail, a jail official said.

juggaloholocaust.com is the new website set about to end juggalos , please visit and help save your children.

land of the banned bans icp concert in idaho falls – coments from idaho falls residents about icp


thank god for the great people at our site and in the JH for stopping this concert.

no more icp concert in IDAHO FALLS.

some concerned comments from people in idaho falls about the icp insane clown posse concert banning

“I am glad that ICP will not be coming. Their concerts are often dangerous, hardcore places to be. The growing gang problem in this area does not need any more fuel thrown onto the fire. Their lyrics are often condoning, even encouraging violence against women. We don’t need this kind of energy!”

“the icp show was ultimately canceled by James Adam Slavens due to only selling a couple dozen tickets. HAHAHA!!!”

“ICP has got the be the foulest, raunchiest, most mind numbing excuse for a ‘music group’ that has ever been, and I’m pretty sure the fans are mentally lacking. (Bless their little hearts for the ‘protest’ on the steps of the city council, but get a job!)”

“Comment 15, I couldn’t agree with you more. There is a ton of garbage out there, but in my opinion ICP takes the cake. Do you know any intelligent ICP fans who contribute anything to society? Because of my line of work, I know a fair amount of people who are fans, and they are all welfare collecting leeches.”

“ICP sucks there is no worse group out there and the people that didn’t want the show to happen are stupid! This would be great time for the rest of us to go out and enjoy the town, no scum bags, no welfare collecting fungus it would get all the losers in the same building. How could we ask for more? The city people are crazy to cancel this show they could get 90% of the drugs in this town all in the same building! They would have to rent school buses to take away all the scum bags that show up for this! I cant believe they do not see this as a big opportunity. Come on Idaho Falls City Council lets start thinking!!!”

“lets not give this crappy band and its fans the satisfaction of being talked about. Discussion over!!!”

“I have absolutely no problem with ICP as artists.

What I have a problem with is the majority of local fans.

Every fan that I have met that considers themselves a devout fan, otherwise known as “Juggalos” have a completely warped sense of values.

Remember that violent home invasion last April. That’s right, they were Juggalos. The home they invaded was that of a former Juggalo. They were unhappy he left the group.

ICP didn’t make these fans act this way, every individual has to make that choice on their own. Unfortunately, the majority of ICP fans in our community have decided to act as detriments to society.

If you want community support, do something to earn it.

When was the last time you saw any group of “Juggalos” in southeast Idaho doing something to help the community? Food drives? Charity fundraisers? Clothing the homeless?

Oh that’s right, they have better things to do.

Like invade people’s homes and beat innocent people.

My mistake. ”

“this is getting so stupid Juggalo’s, Juggalette’s gangs, Family’s, you are all kidding right? this is just all a big joke? I cant believe you ICP people take this so serious as to make up stupid names for yourselves. this is like a little JR high forum and the cheerleaders are all fighting over who is the most popular. ICP sucks and any other clown oriented idiots please go away!!!!”


Insane clown posse works with juggalo holocaust member esham and sells diss tracks at their show..

look at juggalos – didnt say a word to esham , purchased his album and got dissed at the biggest concert of icp of the year. WHOOP WHOOP you pussies.


“I Ain’t Cha Homey”

The very first wicked clown, I gets down
I stand when I piss, while you sits down
Cock sucker, mother fucker, eat a dick up
The wicked shit I’m taking back, this a stick up
I run this, did this, done this 100 times or more
Put your brains on the floor
Everybody want to be me, no need for improvement
I even got niggas in Kansas, with the Tech N9ne spittin’
The whole world turn wicked once that I kick it
Can’t pay the rent on my style, so you gettin’ evicted
And I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah, I ain’t cha homey, I ain’t cha homey
Nah I ain’t cha fam, hit you with the BOOM! POW! and the BAM!

I came here just to say hello
Only wrestlin’ I watch is bitches in jello
My favorite Faygo is mellow yellow
Pop, pop ninja, did I chop you like a samauri?
Fuck around with homey the clown you and your boy will die
Wicked shit
Because you love the way I spit it, ever since I first did it all these copy cats bit it.
“Dead Clownz”

Dead clown why you mad, you sad, you should be glad
I got chopped off heads stuffed in my duffle bag
Take your eyes out your head so you can see what I’m saying, body decaying
Paint your face I’m spraying
“Bob Ritchie”

It started way back, in the D
With Kid Rock, ICP and me, Homey.
I’m Violent J and I get respect
Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect
If you fuck with homey the clown, I’ll break ya neck
Laughing all the way to the bank, cashin’ these checks.
“50 Cent”

To play the game of death, it cost you 50 cent
No clowns allowed

You rip your pants, tryin’ to show everybody you can dance
Get cho ass out of here you gay clown
Smacked to the ground, don’t come around

Jugalos and Insane Clown Posse are not criminals or violent …. Think Again


Juggalos are criminals









Heres just a sample of the crimes commited by the peacful juggalo – this is why the Juggalo holocaust was formed.

I could go on ALL DAY.


Esham i aint cha homie diss album

Esham aka Homie the clown , senior member of the juggalo holocaust went to the gathering and relesed a icp , kid rock , 50 cent , eminem diss album.

Not only did no juggalos say a word to him about the album , many bought 2 to 3 copies.

esham juggalo holocaust
all juggalos kept saying “but but esham is a juggalo ” looks like esham played all you juggalos for the fools that you are.

esham owned all juggalos long live homie the clown – the original and best clown rapper and the juggalo holocaust.

Juggalo holocaust to attend – Gathering of the Juggalos : August 6-9, 2009, Cave-In-Rock, IL

juggalo holocaust at the gathering
Thats right los and lettes, the juggalo holocaust has been confirmed to attend Gathering of the Juggalos : August 6-9, 2009, Cave-In-Rock, IL
more news to drop soon , but the juggalo holocaust will attend , over 70 juggalo holocaust members will attended so expect some freindly conversation.
more news as it drops

detroit rap artists angry at juggalos

after speaking to management for many rap groups in Detroit there seems to be one view , that juggalos are destroying the face of Detroit rap.

the only member of the Detroit rap seen who was quick to support juggalos was dice aka monkey joe johnson , having worked with icp and esham before he seems to enjoy juggalos supporting him and listing to his stuff. ” those juggalo cats are some of the coolest cats i know , i saw one had painted Drug abuse on their forehead so you know them cats is real”

when asked about the juggalo holocaust he said ” the shit ive seen , them cats coming around acting like juggalos when they aint is wrong, im going to end the juggalo holocaust myself even if their aint anyone with me , musical freedom needs to be expressed no mater what and nothing can stop us”

dice is the only act left supporting the juggalo in Detroit.

offical site found


dice needs to liven up we aint ever leaving

Insane Clown Posse vandals have struck again – juggalos burn down house

Join the offical land of the banned Messageboard – help end the juggalo


Followers of a controversial rap group may have struck again, this time in Pierce County. A brand-new house was vandalized and burned leaving a military family’s dream in ashes. KING 5’s Eric Wilkinson reports.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA juggalos keep it up

all juggalos are vandals, and should be convicted for their crimes.

JH will more support now by the general public.

Join the offical land of the banned Messageboard

JH – the Juggalo Holocaust and Tulsa anti juggalo league membership drive

WE Need You to help us end the juggalo

how you ask
join the message board and lend your support
paint JH everywhere
help stop juggalos from invading our country.

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

what is a juggalo ?

Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they’re not important enough for anyone to actually care. These people are outcasts because they want to be, my thought is that they think it’s fashionable when they’re really just a small insignificant pimple on society’s ass. T
I’ve had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not “Down with the clown!” As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. Adolph Hitler was the OJ (original Juggalo) .

therefore we need to get them before they get us.


Jeff Nipples World – Juggalo Holocaust Supporters

join the offical land of the banned messageboard

the juggalo holocaust has been exposed in this radioshow.

lyrics against juggalos

“Lesson Five: Get a hook-up at Jive, Dress up like ICP and have them come see you perform live”

“ICP are over-rated and hated because of their false identities”.

“Plus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray Faygo Root Beer
and call themselves “Clowns” cause they look queer
Faggot2Dope and Silent Gay
Claimin Detroit, when y’all live twenty miles away (f*ckin punks)
And I don’t wrestle, I’ll knock you f*ckin faggots the f*ck out
Ask ’em about the club they was at when they snuck out
after they ducked out the back when they saw us and bugged out
(AHHH!) Ducked down and got paintballs shot at they truck, blaow!
Look at y’all runnin your mouth again
when you ain’t seen a f*ckin Mile Road, South of 10
And I don’t need help, from D-12, to beat up two females
in make-up, who may try to scratch me with Lee Nails
“Slim Anus,” you damn right, Slim Anus
I don’t get f*cked in mine like you two little flaming faggots!”