this is land of the banned’s lite page the offical site is over at landofthebanned.com

this site is going to have a more hardcore feel then the offical site.

enjoy your visit.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. This juggalo holocaust shit is stupid. How can you hate someone just because of the music that they listen to? I seen on this site where it said that juggalos destroy property and were a cult…. thats retarded. I’ve been a juggalo for 10 years now and I’ve never vandalized anything in my life. Maybe we can be viewed as a cult, whatever, but are we really hurting you that bad? Do you not have anything better to do with your time? It’s like saying, ” I don’t like Britteny Spears so I’m gonna smack this 12 year old girl for liking it.” Thats fuckin’ ridiculous. Also, Psychopathic and the only thing I listen to. I’m also a huge metal head as well. Shit I was a metal head before I was a juggalo. I grew up listening to Slayer and now I listen to Lamb of God all the time. So to all you haters out there, why don’t you put all your efforts towards something more productive. Stop hating people over something so fucking retarded. Grow up. We aren’t the threat to society, you are. We aren’t the ones out hurting random people for no reason. You should be in prison if your down with this holocaust bull shit. I heard 6 juggalettes were raped just because they were down with the clowns. Thats horrible. So, your a true piece of shit if thats what your about. As for me, you bitch made punks ain’t scaring me a bit. If you want it, come get it. Fuck you. MMFCL. PEACE!!!!!

  2. look u lil cock sucking bitches u might be getting alot of hipe over this shit. but u ant foolin any body mother fuckers u say were only strong in numbers, when in fact there was a blog intry about some bitch and his bitch ass brother, and there bitch ass friend ran up on a juggalo that was by him self. so who r the real bitch. Talking a bout raping juggalettes. Mother Fuckers I wish u would try that shit in the Fort because u diffidently would not be walking away and i would diffidently would not be running scared from a bunch of faggots with hate on there side. I got my axe and my shotty come get it bitches.

  3. man fuck all u juggalo hatin pussies. muther fuckers we got ur stupid asses beat so consider ur asses DEAD cuz we aint goin no were bitches so fuck the fuck off i hold my hatchet high with pride and this holocaust shit is fuckin stupid u guys r just a bunch of fuckin cock fags who aint got a life and all u r is a bunch of haters but keep haten thats what will find u and most likely killur faggot asses………………………….WHOOP WHOOP MCL 2 all my real juggalos and juggaletes peace

  4. iight mutha fuckers. you really think u gonna take us ALL down? you gotta be fuckin kiddin me. you pissin the wrong lette off right now. my dad was down, i was up raised in this shit n have carried it since he died n i will be raisin my son wit the same respect for himself n others just like me….however….when someone runs their mouth about my fam n wants to push us out u got another thing comin. come at me n see what u gonna get. i have never hurt anyone who hasnt come at me, i have never destroyed property…we are peaceful till ppl pull shit like this. we live our lives u live urs.

  5. I am a JUGGALO! We do got power in numbers. Ya knw y? Cuz we stick together and got r fams back. U wanna fuck wit the fam? U is a dumass. I got in a fight with this black dude the other day. He was talkn shit and said he calld his people and to call mine. In 10 minutes my fam was ther. Like 20 los and lettes. He had one mother fucker show up that didnt wanna hav his back. My bro got in his face and his pussy ass culdnt take him and challanged me. WTF? I was down. We duked it out but he was already calld on by my bro. U say we r full of hate? I got love comen out the ass nigga, wats up! I wnt disrespect u, untill…. u disrespect me or my fam. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  6. I’m a juggalo but we ain’t a gang we all different. Some say there juggalos and act like a gang member but that ain’t all of us. I’m a juggalo becuz I love ICP and Psychopathic records not becuz I wnated to be in a fuckin gang

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