Trump not doing the fox debate is a genius idea – watch his charity on CNN

>Megyn Kelly is one of the moderators in the FOX Jan. 28th debate
>Trump says he doesn’t like her because of what she did last time and her obvious bias against him and asks FOX to reconsider
>Trump considers not going to Fox Debate because of it
>we all know he isn’t going to actually do it, just see if FOX will fold their hand like a bunch of bitches
>all is well until…
>some reddit intern at FOX publishes an article with some snarky passive-aggressive comment basically mocking Donald and calling his bluff
>Trump says okay most likely not going
>then he make the final decision “NO”, shortly after
>Fox is flabbergasted, thinks it’s a publicity stunt
>CNN is eating this shit up and loving it
>almost everyone on CNN thinks it’s a good move
>FoX is in full damage control
>it also turns out they brought on 3 “youtube celebs” to have a significant part of the debate as well
>one is a known anti-trump muslim advocate (who’s youtube channel consists of make up videos)
>she equated Donald Trump to Hitler, you know the type
>this was all yesterday
>more damage control
>articles calling Trump a coward (increasinglynervousman.jpg)
>others calling him brilliant.
>Rush Limbaugh comes out and gives a lengthy talk about the brilliance of this move
>FOX begging for Trump to answer his phone
>entire race is thrown into chaos
>other candidates’ campaign managers say the race is in a limbo stand-still right now
>FOX plans on doing the debate without Trump
>shills and sliding threads non-stop on /pol/ since it started
>hundreds of “I used to support Trump, but X happened and now I feel le bern!!” shills
>Bill O’reilly literally begging for Trump go to on the debate, forgiving his personal milkshake debt as payment
>Trump is instead doing a fundraiser for the veterans right down the street from the debate, at the same time as the debate
>might get CNN to broadcast it, as a big FUCK YOU to FOX


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