Anti Cyberbullying concert by Killa-mo 187

Anti Cyber bullying concert
Anti Cyber bullying concert

Someday down the road… I’m gonna make this show a reality. Got a good label behind me to do it. And for once I can make a concert with horrorcore and wicked shit act’s up here where the ENTIRE concert will go to help fight cyberbullying.
Let’s do it. Let’s start the battlecry. use this hashtag ‪#‎Cyberbullyisntparody‬ if you proudly support it.

Lets brake this down

His concert is titled – FYKOTN as in Fuck you kings of the net

His latest song calls people fags 8 times , has attacked catlien jenner , He has wished people get decapitated , send KKK to black peoples houses and threatened to beat people down… and now he is trying to run an anti cyber bullying concert .


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