Why was FeelTheBern linked in the Deport Racism 2016 website this morning when it’s owner has a Hillary PAC?

Why was FeelTheBern linked in the Deport Hate 2016 website this morning when it’s owner has a Hillary PAC?

I’ve been bothered by this since last night, there was another post that had a lot of attention but was quickly moderated and I don’t know why.

TL;DR The “DeportHate2016” website offering $5,000 to shout “Trump is a Racist” on SNL Saturday linked to Bernie Sanders’ immigration page last night, was

deleted after it was found out that the Deport Hate 2016 PAC owner Luke Montgomery also founded a Hillary Clinton PAC and has worked for them for over a


I’ve done my best to compile all the research on this issue that I could, so here’s what I’ve got:

This is the link to the archived deportracism.comas of last night at 22:40:40.

We’ve all seen this video, and we all know the website is offering a $5,000 cash prize to anyone who will create a scene at the SNL taping tomorrow night.

At the bottom of the page is THIS image link (https://imgur.com/a/TLyAI) that, when clicked, would take you to /http://feelthebern.org/bernie-sanders-on-


Now, this campaign has ZERO relation to Bernie that I know of. Furthermore, it is HIGHLY unlike Bernie Sanders supporters would engage in this kind of

negative, aggressive PR shitshow. I’ve never seen Bernie or any of his fans go negative like this, and it would create a serious backlash from the

Carnival Barker as well as the media at large. Once all the things below started to get spread around at sometime around 11AM today the Bernie links were


If you inspect the HTML to this website you’ll find some really fishy script that doesn’t seem to belong. Now I promise I’m not very knowledgeable about

what all these mean, but just look at them.

BillForFirstLady2016 is a pro-Hillary PAC, owned by Luke Montgomery, who coincidentally is the owner of DeportHate2016 and the well-known FCKH8 campaign.

This is easily confirmed from FEC filings

There’s also a LOT of inactive code from this page, and if you look at http://billforfirstlady2016.com/ you’ll see the sites have near identical outlays.

It seems like the creator of both websites is a fairly lazy guy.

Finally, there was a link to a pre-campaign announcement video for Hillary Clinton

I also found evidence of another (to my knowledge) unheard of PAC called WhiteHouseWonderWoman in the source, along with a link to a password-protected

pre-campaign launch Hillary campaign password-protected vimeo account, which was locked with the absolutely intern-tier password “Hillary2016” (Try it

Bit.ly from the HTML: http://bit.ly/1zZzMNB
Links to: https://vimeo.com/120971901

I found other things too, like DeportRacism2016, WhiteHouseWonderWoman, and FCKH8 all being hosted on the same Shopify servers & subnets (https://imgur.com/JkuwtFZ).

This guy obviously has a lot of ties to Hillary Clinton’s operations, even if only in a “Citizens United” kind of way, so why was he so quick to delete the link to Bernie’s campaign from the website once this started to be found out?


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