What they said about trump….

They said he would never really run for President.

They said he could never leave his sweet television gig.

They said he would never file his financial statement; that he was too embarrassed to admit he was worth less than people thought.

They said he would drop out quickly. That he would never make it to the first debate, let alone past it.

They said he was just in it for fun. They said he couldn’t be serious.

Then they called him a clown. A circus performer. They covered him in the entertainment section, rather than the politics one.

They manufactured phony controversies, and took every opportunity to tear him down. At the same time they refused to acknowledge his gains. They tried as hard as they could to be kingmakers.

Now they’re saying he went too far. He’s a meme, a clown, not a serious candidate.

But he gains more support in polls with each new one that is taken.

For all their criticism, he only garners more support.

People are believing in Trump. He leads on foreign policy. He leads on the economy. He leads on illegal immigration.

It’s no secret why. His detractors hate and fear him, because he says what they won’t. The nation is broken because THEY have had power for far too long. They think they can railroad him with their standard Alinsky tactics. But it’s not working, and they don’t know why.

We know why, though. It is because Trump isn’t a stereotypical politician. He’s a wildly successful businessman. You don’t make ten billion dollars by pandering to those with the same political ideology as you have. You get there by making good deals.

That’s why Trump is winning. That’s why detractors like OP only make him stronger. Everyone can plainly see that OP is weak and poor, while Trump is rich and strong. Trump is the man that can truly turn this nation around, and they’re all bitterly afraid of it.

We are going to make America Great again.


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