Close down the website and ban the users of the site from the internet for good.

To explain why this website has to be permanently shut down. I need to tell you my story. Before I go on, I will tell you that a culprit is never allowed to play the victim and only a martyr can be a martyr if they are religious. Now that’s cleared out of the way here we go. 10 years ago I said some harsh things that could call into cyberbullying. Made death-threats against these people and even called them names. The worst offense would be posting a NSFW photo onto those forums while under the influence of narcotics. Since than, I have apologized, and they have ignored it thinking I was lying and have attacked myself, and friends of mine. They have downright ruined my own personal and social life. And I don’t want to see anybody else suffer. So please for the love of your country, end it.

shut down land of the banned
shut down land of the banned


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