Jose Aldo Officially Out; Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes for Interim Belt at UFC 189 McGregor is finished

Conor plays mind games and it has worked out very well for him. We all know this.

What if Aldo removed himself from the fight so soon before the event, knowing the UFC would have to find a very good replacement for him, seeing as all the hype that Aldo Conor had going in.

Conors mental game relies on months and months of buildup.

He and Mendes had a little bit of banter but nothing like with Aldo and it’s temporally impossible to work a strategy that relies on months of implementing within a fight that’s right around the corner.

Conor could very well conceivably lose. Anyone who doesn’t consider the possibility is either dumb or ignorant. He has already lost in devastating fashion and anyone in MMA can beat anyone on random nights.

We have seen some crazy upsets over the years (2007, year of the upset) and Chad winning isn’t even an upset. Conor is the under dog.

If Conor gets wrecked, especially like a Nasty five rounder, there is little to no interest in a Aldo Conor fight, and they wouldn’t put him for the belt if he didn’t win, especially if it were convincing.

Almost no one was interested in seeing Bones Chael after seeing Anderson Chael II. Any appeal was just gone.

If Conor loses a Nasty 5 rounder, then the king would have completely played him for his jester.


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