Connor Mcgregor sinks to new low – insults jose aldos deceased father .

About an hour ago I saw the Mcgregor/Aldo interview where Mcgregor says to aldo call him “daddy” and stuff like that…

Basically Aldo was talking about how his father raised him to be a man and because of that he isnt afraid of McGregor, and Conor replied “I’m your father, I’m your daddy. Call me Jose Sr”…

Conor is such a idiot. There’s a f* problem with that kind of trash talking… Jose Aldo father has passed away long ago…

“If today I am who I am, it’s because of him, always put me on the right track , he was a hard-working guy. I wanted to have him on my side and come to him and say , ” You dont need to work anymore, you can enjoy your life .I have that void of not having done it”

Jose Aldo Sr. passed away before Aldo became a Champion and he was very poor

“I had a very good father. We did not have very good financial condition, but the affection was essential . I was so poor that I went to the movie theather for the first time after 14 years, I gained a fight and my teacher took me ”

Aldo has had a job since he was 6 years old when he started working alongside his father, who was a construction worker.

Aldo’s father workplace

“I would go to school at night to try and save the money to buy a ticket to Rio. I wanted to come to Rio to train at ‘Dede’ Pederneiras’ gym. That’s when I started working and saving money to come. And, I succeeded.”

Aldo had made it to Rio but, as he would learn, his struggles were only beginning. The plane ticket to travel the 1500, plus, miles had taken just about every cent young Jose had to his name.

“When I first got to Rio I had absolutely no money,” Aldo says.

“All I had was one bag full of clothes. I brought everything I owned. I said I would only go back to Manaus when I was successful.”

Jose Aldo Sr.

In those early days, Aldo slept at the gym at night, and was grateful for it.

Once Aldo and his friend Loro were able to move out of the gym and find their own lodging, it was questionable if the move was an improvement or not. Aldo and his buddy lived off a pittance in the notoriously violent favelas of Rio.

“In the beginning it was hard to stay in Rio de Janeiro. I had nothing. Together, we shared and both lived off less than $100 a month, all from a sponsor that Loro got at the time.” Aldo recalls.

Jose Aldo old house

“We would eat the meals really late to last all day training. At the time there was a lot more violence, too. The two cities are very different so it was hard for me to adapt. When I went to live in the favela I heard a lot of gun shots every day and night – something I’d never heard before. That was something that affected me a lot.

“The way I lived my life is what made me strong. That’s what makes me a rounded person, with a good mind-set, able to go in there and win.”



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