ICP – Missing link lost review – 100 samples and voice modulators mixed with fisher price raps and rehashes

Marvelous missing link is one of the crappiest and laziest icp albums – ICP trying so hard to revive the past they are destroying their future -one song uses so many voice modulators and sound effects its listenable . Confederate flag is just rebel flag badly remade . Vomit is ass . How and you should know are the best beats on the album… they fucking destroy it with lines like “fuck my dad i wanna slaughter thee ” . I see the devil the outro probably only worthwhile track on the album but also has issues with random yelling and the slow guitar and singing at the end – Have to wash my eardurms out with some PTAB


2 thoughts on “ICP – Missing link lost review – 100 samples and voice modulators mixed with fisher price raps and rehashes

  1. Unless you are humanist and can’t comprehend actual talent The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) typically resembles the fact that people in todays world are the dumbest being’s on this earth. sheep fall for what ever the media exposes. Granted you sound like one of those sheep! If you really open you’re ears and mind into underground and typically catch the vibes on subliminal messaging you would probably shit your pants on the fact that the clowns are spiritual. intelligent, and most of all sick of crybaby fuckbags like you who ruin musicians images by simply following ignorance and foul moral integrity for what these men do for a living, yet i am sure you’re giving the white man eye brow stare reading this message because you are too stupid to understand the word “Truth Reveals” in a manner that you are just narrow minded.

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