Killa-mo 187 – Killin’ Off Valentinez 4 thoughts / review

Just some quick Killa-mo 187 – Killin’ Off Valentinez 4 thoughts / review

1 – Cold Open

KM talks for a minute -about this album being all new music and dedicates the album to a fallen friend called Matt Hanson – leaves 30 seconds for him and has some songs dedicated to his freind.

2 – I cant stand

More samples , Tupac , irish music , Natas – Natas and the line about Jim Holley.

Song opens

KM talking about getting a feeling off his chest

“Im tired of being some doormat , for any type of faith jack”

“I cant stand this shit world no more” – in a robot voice

2 minutes – skippable

3 – Sucksalottococker – Diss to sykocutter

“He claims to be famous – in real life hes nameless

“I thought that signing to his crappy label would make it stable”

“he got booed off stage at the first thing he played”

“so fuck a sykocutter and fuck his spies”

“your daddy never snitched to a gang – you would be dead in a day”

3 minutes of talking

“I took the only thing you ever had on me….”

“yeah im fat , and i could give fuck less about the size of my dick ,I talked to brianna the other day she told me you showed her your dick on the internet and she told me the true size , talked to another ex – she said the same thing , bobby bobby bobby your a pinky nail , which means that im even bigger than you”

“you use fake ass software to get your views on youtube and facebook likes”

Worth it for the rant…

4 – 70 second style part 3

“If i moved back to my moms i know id be depressed ,id never see my check , it would be gone just like that”

70 seconds , its ok

5 – Lost Highway


“As I fall, I twist and turn, I fly through the sky, I crash and burn
As I fall, I twist and turn, I fly through the sky, I crash and burn”

Nicely sung and a great way to sample and improve on eshams verse

“I might be a juggalo , but i aint a juggarapper”

Solid track – add in a sample from the david lynch movie or the bon jovi song and remove the onestophiphopdotnet nonsense 10 times in the song and it would be even better .

Best song on the album

6 – Made in Boyne city

Samples wer Built this city on rock and roll

“dont wanna rap like im ricky , or gay like little waynezy”

“This aint crunk”

“Mostly jacked esham beats – people thought it was neat”

“Would never sell out , even if Gaga threw her clit out” LMFAO

Only negative is the sample of someone yelling this is when we take over and Mr Midwest pusha productions – levels need to be checked

Another solid track

7 – Rambler pride – Exk Remix

Aka Kevs Vision

Already reviewed in the past – good remix of one of KMs Hits

8 – Alex, Michael, Gaga, and Justin [skit]

Sampling alex jones bieber rant with smome audio mods

9 – Warriors oath – Crisis of faith

Another Sykocutter diss
Samples Arnold at the start

“your right i became lazy , its time to become crazy”

“Fuck sykocutter and his boyfreind the spy”

Solid beat , Nice song , heard before so get your reivew from that

Overall 2 brand new great tracks , 2 new tracks that have not been released before on an album – also good , one good funny rant – and 2 other meh tracks


Worth a the download


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