Sykocutter diss Crisis Of Faith – The Warrior’s Oath [Produced by EKX]

If a series of random phone calls in various hours of the night didn’t stop him. And a simple internet video using a compuerized voice didn’t stop him. Did “Horrorcore’s greatest groupie rappers” actually think they are on par with KM? And do they really think that the producer-friend of theirs is the best rap producer in the underground? Yeah Bobby Loveless don’t fool the true fan’s of the wicked shit. We said you wasn’t worth our time but let’s face it, You had this coming… -KM-

Song: The Warriors Oath
Lyrics written & Performed by Killa-mo 187
Produced, Composed, Edited, Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by EKX
Pieced altogether like a well oiled machine of decade-plus dominance by Crisis Of Motherfuckin’ Faith!

Like the song? It will also be available on Killa-mo 187’s “Killin’ Off Valentine’z Part 4” EP coming February 14th, 2015 at

This will also be available on the upcoming Crisis Of Faith LP which will reveal it’s title at the end of the video.

Now about the ad before and after the music?
A few weeks ago a wrestler by the name of Steven Robinson was hospitalized following a wrestling event in Louisville, KY. So with the help of a few of his fellow wrestlers. They have set up a fund to where 10 dollars made from each of the t-shirts will go right to his medical bills. And since no “reliable” news sources will help lend support for the man. We’re going to. To order the shirt head to!pro…


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