Ariel Helwani and other MMA journalists ignoring potential cheating scandal by jon jones

But here’s where it gets serious: cocaine is not the most newsworthy detail of Jones’ drug test results, even though the UFC makes it look as such. His testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio (commonly referred to as “T:E ratio”) and testosterone levels are alarming.

Jones’ T:E ratio is abnormally low in the first test: 0.29:1. An average T:E ratio is 1:1 although averages differ based on, for example, ethnical background. T:E ratio tells us how much testosterone he has in his body compared to the amount of epitestosterone – it doesn’t, however, tell us anything about his actual testosterone levels.

Having such a low T:E ratio indicates either a health problem (unlikely considering Jones is such a big, dominating athlete) or cycling off from testosterone usage. When you take synthetic testosterone, your body stops producing its own testosterone. Once you stop taking synthetic testosterone, it can take from weeks to months – depending on the case – for your testosterone production to re-start, which then leads to abnormally low testosterone levels. So with that said…

Jones’ testosterone level is at 1.8 ng/ml – a more common way of putting it is 180 ng/dl while normal for an average adult is between 350 ng/dl and 1000 ng/dl. Since we’re talking about one of the top athletes in the sport, it’s highly unlikely that his testosterone levels would be lower than average, or as in this case, almost 50% below what’s considered the minimal normal amount.


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