Kickstater back this – Mandy Candy Coming For The #1 Spot Mixtape Release – Female Hip Hop-

I am the best female song writer, singer, rapper around. Hit worthy music. I have the talent, stage presence. Doing so since age 5.

About this project

Mandy Candy has the hunger, drive, talent, stage presence and experience to make it to the #1 spot. For a female to have earned the respect in the music business is nearly impossible. I have worked with many talented underground artists and only strive for quality and success. Coming from the streets of Southern California and overcoming them by always knowing I was meant for much more. People believe in me. Salt Lake City is due for a huge Artist to put our music on the map.I hope you will believe in me as well and with that blessing, I can finally afford to get my songs Mastered, get CD’s produced, as well as posters and T shirts for my fans to enjoy. This is only the beginning of a very successful career in the industry. Any help to make my dreams come true will never be forgotten.I strive for nothing less than the #1 spot!

Risks and challenges

I have the hunger and drive to make this happen. It is not a goal out of reach of achieving. I will make it happen! You will see me succeed for all people who believe in me. Trust in me, One Music Life Love! Mandy Candy loves each and every fan. We will win together! Everything I touch I make it pop….settling for nothing but the #1 spot!

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