Goverment using microwaves to hurt people -proof

Government is hurting people – check it out , maybe shedding some light on it will have it stop.

Also dont hurt the poor cat.

I really do not know when or why I was targeted by whoever or whatever is doing this but I have traced a lot of this back to as early as my 4th or 5th year being alive I really started documenting this around 3 years ago. Taking photos, videos, writing it down in a black leatherbound journal. I chose the format of written documentation because I didn’t want to put anything online due to privacy concerns but through remote neural monitoring they can see everything I see, and make me see what they want, so privacy is out the window along with any sense or understanding of reality.

I will post the real gems along with an explanation here:


They’ve burned my arms with microwaves


They’ve burned my eyes with microwaves


They’ve even triangulated their attacks onto my pets, which really ticks me off


They’ve snuck into my attic, for what reason? I believe for surveillance or covert drugging. Theres no way I got up into the attic or anyone else, other than people who didn’t belong there.

So there you have it. It’s obvious something is happening here but no matter how much supporting evidense there is there will always be someone out there who thinks I am just crazy. Well if you went through this program you would be crazy too. Before you say “Schizophrenic” please look at what’s happening. Yes I do hear voices (thats a future entry) but delusions are always just that, delusions, this is my reality.



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