Ninjahax – Clubic Ninja and the Gateway 3ds

For what ninjhax is currently capable of giving to users, I’d say that anybody that spent over $5 on Cubic Ninja got royally boned. Those that spent anywhere in the neighborhood of $60 could have just bought a PSP instead and gotten substantially more homebrew functionality, or they could have bought a Gateway for substantially more 3DS functionality. With that in mind, yeah, Cubic Ninja and ninjhax as a whole probably isn’t worth it for a whole lot of people. Gateway is certainly the better value for all its capable of. If you try to argue against that, well, all I can guess is that you’re trying way too hard to avoid seeing the obvious.

Now, if you just want to run homebrew, cool. But realize, people looking to exploit their consoles already make up a very small minority of people that own any one console. Of that minority, the majority of the people contained within it are more interested in piracy than homebrew, and you know, that’s their prerogative. You aren’t a better person for not wanting to pirate, nor do you exude a sense of morality by trying to passively insult everybody who prefers piracy over homebrew. Just accept that you are in a minority within a minority of people, and enjoy your homebrew if that’s your choice. People are allowed to think that Cubic Ninja alone is a pointless purchase, and that ninjhax on its own is relatively worthless because, right now, that view is entirely justified.


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