Zoe Quinn – Depression Quest Reddit and video game corruption – Prostitution for positive press


Zoe’s ex-boyfriend make a post on his own blog, accusing her (with proof) of cheating with a number of prominent industry figures. Among them was current Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson, apparently solicitating sexual favours for positive press.

I don’t care if the developer of a game was bullied online. I don’t care if the developer of a game is a girl. I also don’t care whether a game has action or not. This should’ve just been a choose your own adventure book sold on Amazon that most people wouldn’t care about. The argument over whether or not this is a game is still up in the air, but it’s really silly when some youtube videos have more gameplay through their annotations than this.

The only reason anybody gives this title any slack is because it has to do with depression and because of the developer being a woman when that shouldn’t really matter. Journey for PS3 was developed by a woman and was a far better experience that won numerous awards. If not having women in the video game industry is an issue then we need more female devs like that and less like Zoe Quinn who are getting a huge pat on the back for making something less impressive than Zork.

P.S. Most professional developers don’t get into half the controversy this dev has, and it’s not because she’s a woman, I don’t see Jade Raymond having a blog about her, and you know why? Because when you actually work in a professional industry you have an image to present.

If this title was called ice cream quest and “played” the exact same way, it wouldn’t have been greenlighted, and everyone knows this.


I dated Zoe Quinn. I thought she was the most amazing, kind hearted person in the world.

Turns out she was bullshitting pretty much everything I fell in love with her for, and is actually an unbelievable jerk. She effortlessly lied to and manipulated for months — simply because it was not believable that someone could be that selfish of a person, that convincing of a liar, and that good of a manipulator, while adamantly arguing against the very principles she espoused. Here’s some stuff she did / does in no particular order or tense [which you can verify using the chatlog images in the footer of Act 1]:

Spend quite a bit of time talking about how she would never ever cheat on anyone because that violates sexual consent — all the while cheating on me
With Nathan Grayson
And Robin Arnott
And Joshua Boggs
(who is both her boss and married)
And at least two other people (whose names are censored). And very probably more — but I won’t get into why I believe that.
As opposed to informing Joshua’s wife, primarily freak out about her own career if his wife goes public.
Do her goddamn hardest to make sure I didn’t sleep with anyone but her while we were broken up. Inevitably succeed.
Sleep with a bunch of people while we were broken up, ignoring all of the strong principled stances she used to convince me not to.
Pretend we didn’t need to use protection whenever we had sex while we were broken up
or while we were together
Basically demand I ostracize a friend who was going through some seriously fucked up shit, because that friend had sort of showed a tentative interest in me while we were broken up.
On her own end though, apparently have no problem choosing to work for Joshua Boggs after cheating on me with him (which I feel requires a bit more than a tentative interest), or after finding out about his wife.
Spend an hour arguing that she would never lie in a relationship — while she was lying about all of the things in our relationship.
Stop at pretty much no length to prevent me from finding out the truth. If I had to lose 10 pounds to bouts of panic attacks spent questioning my own sanity for a sleepless week of being ostracized so she could spend that time cheating on me — well, that’s unfortunate for me, but the important thing was that I not be around to make things awkward between her and the flavor of the week.
Totally make two people up to divert suspicion from the fact that she was fucking Nathan. Seriously, she just — she made two people up. This probably doesn’t deserve its own list item but like, the claim that there were two additional people crashing with her was one of the things that made me think I couldn’t possibly have been right to worry during the panic attack week because who the hell would just fabricate . . . PEOPLE?
Later go on to ostracize Nathan for a week simply so she could fuck some other guys.
Have unprotected sex with me like 12 freaking hours after cheating on me with her boss.
Express remorse really damn well, really damn often, and only about the specific thing she has been caught doing. That is, express no remorse about any of the very related things she hasn’t been caught doing yet.
Lie in literally the same breath she is expressing remorse about having lied. Which isn’t to say her remorse is fake, I can’t know if it is or isn’t, it sure *looks* and *sounds* real enough. It’s just to say that her remorse doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of future intent. She’ll promise never to do something again in a fit of despair and regret, and then do that thing like an hour later.
Lie a fucking LOT. Like holy shit how much more can one person possibly lie. At one point she actually lies about a lie about a lie about a lie.
A bunch of other fucked up things which I’m not even going to bother researching the legal ramifications of telling you about.
After making a grand show of remorse and expressing a desire to make all of this up to me, go on to ostracize me, because doing the right thing and making it up to me isn’t worth the risk that I might go public with any additional admissions if we have to talk things out online.
Be really fucking good at pretending to be worth looking up to.


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