Stained – RealAxis and Mr. Sushil Ronghe’s Mistakes – how not to run an indie game

Part 1 the promise

Stained - RealAxis and Mr. Sushil Ronghe

Part 2 the Developers rant


This may come as a shock to you guys, but we have decided not to distribute the keys any more to the IR bundle purchaser. The game is not selling at all and there is no hope. I think we are already doomed so we are abandoning the process of distributing the keys. We will continue to do what is required to make the living and provide support to game related questions twice a week. If you really love this game you should consider buying it on steam else I think you already had your share of enjoyment when you purchased the game via IR-Bundle for 50 cent.

So no need to send any emails, we are really sorry.

If you still have more questions & and really feel sad about this, Here is a short FAQ for you.

This would have been lot easier if you just give the keys via IR page?
That was the plan, and I was completely ready to give the keys via IR page. I sent email, there was no response and bundle owner were getting crazy on the forum as there was a Playfire contest for “playing stained first time”. So being generous we went ahead and sent the keys to those owner, when we heard back from the IR bundle, they said there is no way to block the ppl who already got the keys so we continued sending the keys via email, until now when we realize it would be impossible to provide that sort of support given the current sales stat.

What do you mean by not selling at all?
300 game copies were sold in the first week of release and there is no sale happening after that. Its pretty much dry. We may sale few 100 once we go on sale in Christmas but considering the amount of games featuring on steam we are really not sure if we can win a spot on the front page during sales. Again that will come in pennies.

So overall we got $1600 form IR bundle, $1500 will come from steam and that’s all we have earned. There is $400 in the impulse account but I don’t think we will get that because the payment cut out is $500 and there is no possibility of making another 100 over there. So that’s it we made 3 grand.

You are sounding very negative?
When we were getting ready to release the game, it was on green light and was not making any progress, so we did interim release on Desura, then got into the IR bundle (we thought it will help a lot in the green light campaign however on the contrary game received only 100+ votes in the week we were on the IR bundle) and year after that we are here on steam.
We have kept our positive attitude throughout the last 18 months, there was hope that when we get green lighted things will change and we will be able to make our next game. But looking at the current scenario I think nothing will happen.

You might regret your decision of not giving the keys, the bundle owners will get angry…?
I think we already have a reason to regret. And trust me with just 300 copies sold and sale is complete dry we are already rotting into the hell.

So you are abandoning this game and will not make any further games for PC?
We will support stained for as long as it takes. There is this level creation scripts that runs in blender, so I also want that script to be out and into the hands of the game owner.
Next PC Game : Have this bitter taste in mouth, so will not say anything on that.

What about the people who own the game on desura?
Game will be updated on desura with all latest fixes, in a coming month and all future updates will also come to desura build. So those user can enjoy the game directly from there.

You haven’t done enough promotional activity? And blaming us for not getting sales?
Well, we have send press releases and steam keys to most of the popular websites. For example RPS, polygone, joystick, indiegames but never heard anything back. We submitted multiple keys to these websites. I mean I would have appreciated,

“Thanks we checked your game, but does not interest us at all. Leave us alone”

I also sent the keys to youtubers, but never got the coverage. I would not blame Totalbiscuit as he is having health issues. I also got email from his PR guy saying they are very interested in the game and will cover it soon.
We did our bit, I think but the real coverage is E3 or Similar events from where the real buzz can start. We did not had a budget to participate in such event, yes that is our fault but its again a chicken and egg problem.

Were you asking a review against a steam key?
This is something new I heard today, somebody posted that we were asking a review against a steam key. This is the standard email send to everyone, and there is no mention that you must write a review.

We will consider that this is the same address you have on the record with indieroyale/Desura
Your Steam Key : XXX_XXX_XXX
I would appreciate if you share your experience about stained on the steam community or write a review. We are looking forward to your support.
Shatter It Hard
Stained Team

Still have any further questions, Please let us know. We have nothing against IR its just that the way this sequence of event took place and our current financial stat is making it worse.

Hope for your understanding.




Part 3 What you can do about it.

1 Never support this dev and any project he is involved in

2 Let the reviewer know

3 Contact Indieroyale about it

Now lets look at another game that came out in the same bundle LogiGun – a game getting great reviews and customer feedback – AND THEY GAVE OUT KEYS

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