Humble Bundle X – Humble Bundle 10 – Starbound scam – Bait and switch

humble bundle 10 scam - starbound

There’s no sign of the “Starbound” offer on the page anymore, at all. I wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for this page. I knew that something was up with a $7 average with these games… That’s not cool at all Humble Bundle.. You offered a different product to the first 1000 people. You can’t take that into account for the “average” spent overall.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep Starbound and have a $10 tier instead of only limiting it to 1,000 copies?
It’s a win-win for everyone: Those interested in Starbound will buy it, more revenue for the site and everyone is allowed to purchase it until the bundle’s over. Everyone wins.
Hopefully they won’t repeat this “promotion” again and this is a one time brain fart.

This is bait and switch. Not the classic definition, mind you, but a reasonable facsimile.

Hear me out before judging hastily. The price of the Starbound-receiving bundle affects the price of the BTA bundle – meaning they’re treating them as the same product, equating them to one another for the purpose of averaging. However, they are clearly two different products, with one being inferior. The hope is that they re-coup the extra cost of Starbound by pushing the bundle price higher. This serves the function of bait and switch and they have equated, through averaging, an inferior product to a superior one.

Edit: Bait and switch, even with prior advertising of limited quantity, is illegal in the United Kingdom, Canada, and I would think a number of other countries. For the USA, it’s legal as long as the advertisements made the limited quantities clear.

Everyone saying, “It’s for charity, don’t be so entitled” is missing the point. It isn’t okay to trick people to give to charity, ever. By misrepresenting what the product is/was and artificially inflating the BTA they have resorted to trickery to get more money. While this goes to charity it also goes to them, as I’m sure most people leave the default settings (which include a %10 tip by default). If they want a certain average they should just set one and be upfront about it.
It’s a dick move and will/should hurt their brand.

I usually defend HB when people complain about them, but I can’t really approve of what they just did. The “average” is meaningless if not everyone has the opportunity to buy the same thing.

Way to go, lack luster games and a cheap way to boost up the average. Thanks humble.

  • To the moon- Indie royale Fall bundle (3 hour game)
  • Joe danger 2 – fall sale $3.74 (2.5 hour game)
  • Papo & yo – PWYW indie game stand a few weeks ago (3 hour game)
  • Runner 2 – was $2.50 on amazon a week ago
  • Reus – a BTA game that was $2.50 in the witner sale and free with IGN
  • Surgeon Simulator – a BTA $2.50 on steam and has been in Re-loaded bundle.

Would have been fine with the price inflation had we had better more desirable titles.


One thought on “Humble Bundle X – Humble Bundle 10 – Starbound scam – Bait and switch

  1. To be fair, if your argument involves “USA != the world”, then you can’t hold Amazon prices against them, as Amazon just doesn’t offer decent deals with Steam keys outside of the USA (possibly Canada, too, don’t know about that).

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