Skryim meets sims – Bethesda announces Skyrim Hearthfire DLC

Bethesda has released a short trailer for the next round of Skyrim DLC, this one entitled Hearthfire.

Taking the phrase “Home is where the heart is,” to ‘heart’, this latest update to the hit RPG, allows players to build their own home within the world. Once the respective land is purchased, basic houses can be erected and built upon, with many additions possible, including: extra rooms, levels, crafting tools and gardens.

The trailer showcases trophy rooms and cases, equipment storage, kitchen utilities like ovens and open fires. There’s alchemy tables and enchanting tables, herbal gardens and fisheries, beehives and a whole host of furnishings. Still, the land’s greatest adventurer can’t be fussing with the upkeep of a homestead while off fighting dragons, that’s what a steward is for. Hire one to buy supplies for you, or to cart you to the nearest city, or simply build a stables and have your favourite horse tied up for whenever you need it.

As you age though, it might not be enough to have your halls littered with the skulls of your enemies. If you’re feeling like the patter of little feet is what’s needed to make your home really that, then the new adoption system lets you and your spouse make a real family.

Just make sure to protect them from wandering giants and teach them right from wrong.

I still havent played skyrim…..

Wow that’s dope. I’ll be getting that before the vampire bullshit they put out.

Sounds sweet. Yeah, Dawnguard was definitely not worth $20. I’m waiting on a full on expansion, like Shivering Isles for Oblivion.

via Skryim meets sims – Bethesda announces Skyrim Hearthfire DLC.

via Skryim meets sims – Bethesda announces Skyrim Hearthfire DLC.


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