Necro / Necwo: The Biography version 2.0

one of the funniest threads this week – owning a necro hater,2406.0.html

yall can hate. i dont care what u write on a forum.

anyway. i dont know exactly wat song but if u listen to his shit he got some shit where he says
“i dont care if your a chic or a stinky tranny”
or how bout talking about tickling prostate glands?
thats gay
he dont fuck wit dimes, every bitch in his videos gets paid to be there. the bitches he does fuck talk shit how he got a little wee wee.

ani difranco did sue him for the asshole anthem sample. thats why hes sellin his cds for 4.99
mad desperate

he did ask twiztid and icp to open up and they turned him down. twice. he was supposed to do the green book tour.

he robbed goretex for like 50gs. goretex never got paid for the art of dying or circle of tyrants.

look at all the other artists he had on his label. none of them fuck with him, even ill bill. only hyde.

dude is retarded, he posts pics of some supposed racist shit saying its from someone, when the message CLEARLY says to, not from.

in his first movie off gory days hyde plays a tranny prostitue and necro is a tranny pimp.

anyone who talks about degrading women like him must have some bottled up issues against them.

i could go on and on. all this shit is true

i said something despite his opinion and he started crying. then he gave me an ill shout out on his page. i can only gain from this. fuck necro and his dead label.,2406.0.html


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