The Nd Console Launches – Bobs Game

to R***********@***.*******.com,

hey, help me out here man.

i actually pitched that idea to a few VC firms here in silicon valley and got some positive responses, i could probably do it myself- but i can’t get the ******* deal,
because you guys have your weird partnership there. doesn’t mean i couldn’t get the other fast food chains, or any one of dozens of other distributors.

if i could, there’s a pretty good chance it would take a big chunk of your market share.
as fun as that would be, i’d rather see ********** open up and get with the times.

a 16-bit app store- you know that’s the coolest thing ever, it would make everybody happy, it would open up a world of possibilities for developers everywhere.
why wouldn’t you do it?

i mean, ** is great and all, but why not do more? why the need to insist on market control while it’s being yanked out from beneath you?
why the halfway “me-too” closed app store? why disks at all?

are you guys just completely without any decision making power? is it political? is it contractual? is it stubborn leadership? national pride?
why take a giant risk like ********** and but refuse to embrace digital distribution?

that idea is just one possible solution to embracing the indie scene, what are you guys gonna do? keep ignoring it while ***** takes over?
are you going to do another sad halfway solution with the ***? maybe you’ll include a public indie section and then bury it?

i’m sure you know that, and maybe there’s a good (profitable) reason for it, but all the PR is blatantly BS or parroting.
why do you do that? why don’t you fix the problem instead of covering it up?
why don’t you guys actually try doing some good?

i’m genuinely trying to help by suggesting things, even if i’m a bit misguided- that’s only because i can’t possibly know the information required, so i have to make blind guesses. i think i’m pretty successful just with that!
i mean, i didn’t have to tell you guys about this at all. i wasn’t going to.
but i’m a good dude, and i guess i still just don’t want to believe ********** is full of dream crushing sociopaths.
someone there has a soul. you haven’t sued me yet, right?

why don’t we try to work something out?


yes, we are releasing several different form factors, including premium versions. (bigger screen, thicker plastics, etc)

having a price point at $10-$20 means we can iterate very quickly, since people can upgrade so cheaply.
using open standards also makes backwards compatibility extremely simple. for instance, a couple of years from now we will double the screen resolution and 2X the pixels on all previous games.

our Game Store will have several measures in place to combat saturation and quality issues. new developers will be required to upgrade and improve their titles often in order to keep them from expiring. this means your purchased games will constantly be improved. we have several other innovations as well, yet to be revealed.

the nD plugs into a PC as a controller (with a screen, *cough cough*) to interact with our massively multiplayer tournament world.

“bob’s game” is a game about a game called “bob’s game.”

“bob’s game” is a massive video game adventure RPG written in C.
It is the brainchild of Robert Pelloni, a reclusive, self-taught 27 year old game maker “prodigy.”
All content- concept, writing, graphics, music, and programming were created by him over the past 6 years.

“bob’s game” is a work of satire about gaming and the game industry, where the main
character “Yuu” plays games inside the game to find “the greatest game ever made” – the legendary “bob’s game.”
This virtual “bob’s game” inside of “bob’s game” is created by the in-game end boss character “bob,” the author’s alter-ego.

“bob” is a villainous, egomaniacal genius developer who believes he has uncovered a vast conspiracy in the game industry to hold back great games.
Believing himself on a quest to save the game industry, “bob” holds an interdimensional “bob’s game” tournament-
in order to gather every brainwashed gamer worldwide together at once and break the evil spell of shovelware.
If “Yuu” wants the industry to survive- “Yuu” must beat “bob” at his own game… and “Yuu” might just reveal the real truth. was an “alternate reality game-” a viral advertisement starring “bob” which created a real-life parallel to the events inside “bob’s game.”
there is no villain. it’s not real!!


the inDie handheld console

nD wiki – documentation, tutorials, and more. join in and help us create one of the most comprehensive independent development resource online.

nD forum – discuss development here, get help, share questions and answers, and interact directly with your fans.

unlike other video game companies, we don’t have an elaborate licensing process to go through to get started.

we don’t have a catch-22 restriction where in order to make a game, you have to have made a game.
we don’t care if you have an office or work out of a garage, or even in your mom’s basement. (everyone knows the best stuff is made that way.)
we’re not setting up a superficial submission system and yet somehow only working with the same dozen companies for decades.
we’re not interested in restraining or breaking your creative spirit before you even get started by telling you what you can and can’t try.
we won’t make you reveal all your ideas to us before you can mention you’re working on our system.
we don’t want to “review” your innovations before you get started to make sure it’s “right for us.”
we don’t care “who you know,” you don’t need the right “connections” to even know where to start.
we won’t tell you how, when, or if you can make your game.

…and after all this, we won’t make you sign a ton of non-disclosure agreements and then charge you
$2000 for a shoddy stack of open source tools with proprietary libaries that lock you into the platform.

this isn’t 1985. we don’t need to lock in developers! you can cross compile and build your games for whatever you want.
test, play, and debug on windows, mac, or linux, and compile for the nD when you’re ready.
go ahead! use whatever IDE you want! you aren’t stuck with an outdated commercial thing with a dongle activation license.
we’ll give you a better one for free!

just make a game, make it great, and keep making it better.


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