Bobs game and the ND Update – game industry selling drugs ?

if i was the ceo of a big video game company, i would probably think something like
“it sure is lonely working with the same 3 companies, this industry could use some excitement.”

the “game industry” is this sick, sad thing, really. the opposite of what it really should be- like hollywood. the executives come in the private entrances in their limos, getting on stage and putting on a show to a room full of kids. year after year seeing a new wave come in with stars in their eyes- and last year’s crop on the way out.

selling addictions, plastic distractions, siphoning money from middle class american kids. what kind of people do you think such a business attracts?
(have you noticed the name of their development site?)

even so! believe in people. let them try. don’t punish the innocent for the deeds of those in the past. the greatest systems in the world have thrived on this strategy, and those that do otherwise are doomed to expire. aren’t they?

well, i guess they aren’t gonna do it. worth a try, i guess!
i’ll tell you what though- i don’t want your damn chocolate factory.

man, i pitched this thing to PawnShop in february. guess that was a mistake! (yuu connect the dots.)
(but a tablet won’t work. some socioexecutive has been watching too much cnn!)



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