Esham – A-Thujone – Twiztid Diss Lyrics

Yeahhhh Dmt Sessions
Im the Black Van Gogh
Even the Marlon Brando
What you cant do
Know i can though
Your not my man though
You just a stan ho
You got my money well put it in my hand , yo
26 keys like a piano
Get the power get the paper that’s the plan, yo
Lenardo diblackrio
Please dont make me slap a ho um….

Since day d d d day one

Yeah Alot of suckers would like to forget me
But they cant
Because the streets respect me
And im always on that next shit
See my car dont run off gas its electric
Too much Monoxide
Paul Methric
Time for me to Ghost this game , make my exit
Im So Twiztid , Jamie Madrox
you got the game locked down ?
I Pick the Padlocks
Black mamba anaconda
and i cut , i got this scarf wrapped around like Aunt Jemima
The car pancake
the syrup it dont spill
Im ice cube in 91 kill at will
I got your death certificate
For any mother fucker running off with this wicked shit

since day d d d day one
I dont play pl pl pl p play son
o k kkk k kkk k ?

Esham Dmt Sessions Reviewed – Rap mixed with dubstep , acidrap , idoser ,brainwaves , subliminal bwgen – Underground album of 2011,8843.msg159478.html#msg159478

Mixing Acidrap with scientific methods of synchronizing your brainwaves, a simulated state can be achieved through the Listening of Eshams 19th studio album Dmt Sessions .
“DMT Sessions is an auditory psychedelic drug that I’m prescribing to the world” and Esham does so , with heavily brain enchaining subliminal tracks using all the resources available brainwaves include Alpha for heightened creativity and deep relaxation; Beta for high focus and concentration; Theta for meditation, insight and memory; Delta for deep sleep and healing; and Gamma to increase cognition and improve IQ.

01. oooooooooooohhhhhwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee!!!

Nice start to the album slow build up , mixes dubstep rap – dubrap beat track 1 , ohhh me D M T FOR ME drum and base – not much esham vocals more focus on the female vocalist “this the e s h a m looking for my little kim” , the beat then drops and then all thats left is the female vocalist with church choir like singing … wicked shit

02. DMT Sessions ft Danny brown
classic song – esham and danny both use their styles esham rapping on a tongues level
nice beat more classicly hiphop / acidrap
that nigger from Detroit – Danny brown holds his own – nice track
good single for the album

3.Valhalla Rising

3 tracks in one
This track starts slow spoken word style
“we all gone die just waiting my turn”
acid rap / wicked shit
“itunes now im digital”

Beat then goes sort of funny brain wave idoser style
esham starts snorting and we hear some screams
sounds like tongues

nipple hard as coals
stripers on poles
time moving swis swis
its always snowing like christmas

Then the track Goes very dub rap / dnb style
turn out your lights
more quick paced technoy beat
we lay down jehova witnesses
best of the 3 wish it was longer

this track works well as a single but if you were to split it , it would not work as well but track 3 needed to go way longer

04. China White
egyptian beat – sounds Arabian sort of like the dmt sessions promo beat by EKX and Killuminati
in love with aly eens
dmt on the track spirit molecules
Wish it went longer

05. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
dubstep rap – dubrap track
similar to BLMNHM on the past album
splits into another track
slow speech – again using mood altering beats
BE MY GIRL – more spoken word
rap is only brief
starts good but ends bad

2 tracks in one ok overall but wish there was more rapping on it

06. Oxycontin
more brain waves , idoser shit at the start
clanking glass
talk too much
you talk too much
classic hip hop acid rap beat – sounds tongues era
u even got a tired lisp
blue and red en blue and red en – yellow and black shout out
robot voice ties it up

Average track needed a better chorus

07. Clonazepam

cookies cookies
adds in a snookie diss / shout out
more hip hop beat
finger in the cake mix
nice use of differnt cookie types to get the point across – cookie monster

08. Sildenafil Citrate
Nice guitar beat
“i dont want a funeral
do you know somebody that just died ? that just died ? that just died ?
happy song about death
beat is nice
“jesus can you hear me hell on earth”
classic acidrap song sounding like Santos produced it – tongues godlike era

09. Skrewberry Kush
dnb dubrap style robot sounds
“Her legs in the air like the doors on a lambo” – crime family shout out
Sounding like kanye west off collage drop out
Inspirational type stuff conscious rap
“Dancing on your poll at Night ”

10. Codeine Phosphate Promethazine
“you and your Indian style , lets swap English style” on another middle east beat
all the motherfucking drugs in the world cant heal these sick little boys and girls
inspirational track – best conscious rap on the album
shout out to beatles yellow submarine
it will leave you quoting the chorus
all the motherfucking drugs in the world cant heal these sick little boys and girls
all the motherfucking drugs in the world cant heal these sick little boys and girls
all the motherfucking drugs in the world cant heal these sick little boys and girls
life is not a video game

11. Scante Ft Mastamind , TNT
Classic acidrap track , “get me mad enough i might bring natas back”
top track on the album
another black and yellow and red wing shout out
drops most his albums
“spit death on every pedophile priest”

“fuck rap im doing what the fuck i feel
fuck rap ”
special call from tnt ties it all up

Classic natas sound acidrap

12. Psilocybin
Another dub rap / acid-rap mix
Charlie Sheen shoutout
suck my motherfuckinhg bass
Esham reinventing dubrap
king of dubrap – this and comatose killing it the dubrap scene
As Esham debsribes it – rat poison for your ears

13. A-Thujone
The Infamous Twiztid diss
your just a stan hoe
got your death certificate for everyone running off this wicked shit
– out cold subliminal shot at Twiztid being copy cat kkks

14. Phencyclidine
divorce song
“i dont wanna feel like i did that day”
song makes you feel sad using brain waves and subliminal sounds
slows the album right down but nice track

15. Yellow Jackets
“all you wanna do is get high”
more brain wave subliminal shit
singing over a hip hop track
peaks at the end with eshams vocals bluring into the beat
a example of the blurring of brainwaves , spoken word and subliminal beats the album is going for
nice chorus

16. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
beat is sounding like a kanye style style / midwest beat
“to the most high ….. im timeless”
amen another sin
big band rap – sounding suspended animation style mixed with kanye west and common
Esham is showing he can do a more mainstream style, nice track

17. Lophophora Williams II
Homey the clown intro – Nice
voices in my head wont “let me go”
Suicide song , With a 80s style beat
Wicked shit over mainstream beats
“Bernie Madoff trying to get off scott free”
let me Go

18. Dimethyltryptamine
Most polished track quite possibly the next single would love to see it get some air play
beat off the chain sounding Arabian
the best way to describe is is a better version of insane clown posses song blam
let the genie out the bottle
“God speaks on the track”
u know i work for the make a wish foundation
Let the Genie out the bottle – talking about genies and sex

19. Jack3d
More subliminal brainwave stuff with dnb hip hop style
dropping names and talking about identify theft
Esham saying hes got the credit cards of “Rick Ross , Bernie Madoff
Suzane Luchie , Raph Lauren and
La Reed”
and drops a jimmy ivine diss
nice track wish i was longer

20. Coma
Best Experienced loud with decent head phones
Last song , like Brainwave , Bwgen , idoser , Hemisync Brainwave and subliminal experimental test – captures the feeling of the album in one track
your love can save me
this is best through good speakers or headphones – beats cut from side to side
like a downer to the oooooooooooohhhhhwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee!!! upper
Nice end to the album.

solid 4/5 for dmt sessions
Comatose would of killed it on the album cannot wait for deluxe edition with dvd – death of a indie lable – hopefully the dlc and dvd comes out for people who bought the original album.
Skywalker, Abjo and Pitchbull’s atmospheric beats morph brilliantly with Esham’s bipolar arrangements that celebrate love and hate simultaneously.
Album is a Mix of many styles dnb , spoken , dubrap acidrap , idoser and brainwaves on tracks
best described as digital drugs mixed with the surreal works of David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky
Horrocore and Acidrap is evolving , Esham is trying new areas and styles and so far it has worked well.,8843.msg159478.html#msg159478

Necro / Necwo: The Biography version 2.0

one of the funniest threads this week – owning a necro hater,2406.0.html

yall can hate. i dont care what u write on a forum.

anyway. i dont know exactly wat song but if u listen to his shit he got some shit where he says
“i dont care if your a chic or a stinky tranny”
or how bout talking about tickling prostate glands?
thats gay
he dont fuck wit dimes, every bitch in his videos gets paid to be there. the bitches he does fuck talk shit how he got a little wee wee.

ani difranco did sue him for the asshole anthem sample. thats why hes sellin his cds for 4.99
mad desperate

he did ask twiztid and icp to open up and they turned him down. twice. he was supposed to do the green book tour.

he robbed goretex for like 50gs. goretex never got paid for the art of dying or circle of tyrants.

look at all the other artists he had on his label. none of them fuck with him, even ill bill. only hyde.

dude is retarded, he posts pics of some supposed racist shit saying its from someone, when the message CLEARLY says to, not from.

in his first movie off gory days hyde plays a tranny prostitue and necro is a tranny pimp.

anyone who talks about degrading women like him must have some bottled up issues against them.

i could go on and on. all this shit is true

i said something despite his opinion and he started crying. then he gave me an ill shout out on his page. i can only gain from this. fuck necro and his dead label.,2406.0.html

Bobs game -the nd allows you to fight robots using comunitys ????

date Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:08 PM

subject [2010 pitch] nD – the ******* [indie] Dream *******************



codename nD – the ******* Dream

the ultra-cheap social-game-app-store handheld indie game system for kids 5-12.

******** will lose their 5-12 market with the *** due to health concerns, and system expense.
this also has the effect of opening up a hole in branding at this age- 5 years from now kids might not know “********.”

social game companies like ***** are gaining marketshare.

******** does not have an open app-store device, because of reputation and quality concerns.
this also has the effect of shutting out and alienating quality independent developers *cough*

make a nearly-disposable handheld with surplus components for partnership with ******** (or any other mass toy distribution method)

a ***mhz ARM handheld with 2.4″ 320×240 LCD screen and wifi capabilities can be mass-manufactured in large batches for less than $10 per unit.
essentially a ***-2, fueled by an app store- all novelty, all profit, no risk.
no carts, just internal flash memory. hard-wired SD cards.

systems come with mini-USB cable, no other ports.
must plug it into USB to charge. app store opens immediately upon plugging it in.

this is an indie developer Dream System!
the bar is not too high, the technology is just right, the market is huge, the games are purely core or casual.


Q: how to get developers worldwide to flock en-masse to a system overnight?
Q: how to create a large open app store overnight at very little risk to consumers/company reputation?

******** has a partnership with ********- and ********* has made branded games in the past. (******, **********)

create a large app-store market overnight by widely distributing devices with ***** Meals.
could potentially sell 10 million units a DAY.
minimize risk by charging a $10 premium for systems, and give away a $10 token card for the app store with every ****** Meal.

kids get the token card with the ***** Meal, and immediately are willing to buy the $10 system, covering manufacturing costs.
this also gets them to immediately plug the device in to redeem the points, giving them exposure to the app store and getting them to sign up!
this $10 will be extinguished immediately on first-party premium titles, some ******** themed, some ************* themed.

currency for the app store can be done through partnerships. for instance, redemption codes inside cereal boxes.
token cards given away with movie tickets – kids see the new **** ****** movie, and receive a code to download the **** ****** game.
point cards can also be given away with toys, or bought separately, or purchased through the web store itself.
points can also be earned by playing games with friends- promoting word of mouth advertising.
this gives kids a special currency just for them, making the world a bit more magical.

system is designed like a **** controller.
looks like a toy, not a scary high-tech laptop.
very small form factor, *** micro sized, appropriate for kids hands.

kids do not have to know they like video games, they don’t have to directly ask their parents to make a $150 purchase.
it gets the system in their hands without them deciding to want it enough to put it on a christmas list.
opens up a huge market of new gamers, and gives kids a chance to participate in something even if their parents cannot afford a $150 toy.

there is no risk in carrying the device around, to school, etc.
no fear of losing it, breaking it, having it stolen.
can simply purchase a new device, plug it in, download all purchased games and save files.

User Generated Content:

we’re going to do everything we can to make it very simple to make games for this device.
we’ll release kid-friendly level editors so kids can share user-made content.

we’ll have a super-easy-to-use tool set for making 2D action or role-playing games.
twelve-year-olds will be able to make full, deep games with this tool set.
just about anyone will be able to express themselves with original games, and get paid for it.
we will see a new wave of game-developer celebrities.
we’ll have the world’s first 12 year old app-store millionaire.

user-generated content means users will surprise us.

bad surprises: we’ll take appropriate measures to protect minors from offensive content.
good surprises: like with the ***** i*****, we don’t know what kinds of applications users will develop.
the game console could become a textbook: maybe an educator will make a brief role-playing game about the writing of the constitution?
if everyone has one of our console, it can become anything — a software-developer-oriented swiss army gadget.

The Social Game:

playing games . . . is a game.
our social network plays like a game — it looks like a super kid-friendly Online A***** C******* or P******. it doesn’t look like a bunch of menus.

we get a hundred million of these devices out there, and suddenly our social game component is bigger than *********, bigger than *****
and our audience is the right market- kids, not housewifes, though they can play it too, it’s for everybody

players score points as they play games.
plug in, and you can load your points into your online community.
players can use points to purchase items to customize their character, their online home, or the city where their home is.
players can also use points earned from many games to unlock currency inside other games.
maybe you’ve earned 5,000 points in a platform-jumping game — you could be able to convert it to 500 gold in a specific role-playing game.

players use points from games to buy things in the social community world, so they don’t need to use real money to buy things in the community.
however, they use real-world money to buy the games with which they earn points.
the games are fun — possibly more fun than customizing their online community.
in this way, customizing the online community at first feels like more of a perk or a reward.
competing social games are games that require real-world money to be played in full.
our games are all small, full, fully playable games.
playing and enjoying games simply results in enhanced social interaction through virtual commerce.
by keeping our games and our social elements entirely separate, players (or their parensts) won’t feel cheated into spending.
you’re paying for games, plain and simple. the promise of being able to participate more in the social elements is a borderline subconscious motivator to purchase and play more games.

signing up for the social network is painless.
each console has its own access code to the network.
on first sign-in, the player chooses a name and an avatar.
the console itself is required to be plugged into a PC in order for the player to access that console’s online community account.

your friends that you connect your device to show up in your town
you collectively earn points together to buy special prizes, trophies, new levels for your games on your device

players can only be friends with people they know in real life.
at the top of the console’s dashboard menu is a choice labeled “check-in”.
click “check-in” to see a list of other consoles in the area which are also in check-in mode.
click on the name of the person you wish to check-in with.
if they approve your check-in, the process is completed.
when you plug into your PC later, the users you checked in have now appeared in your online community.
you’ve also earned points for each check-in, and multipliers for multiple check-ins.
you must check in with their console in person once a week or their house will disappear from your city.
you can check in with users once a day, at maximum.

the social network community also serves as a funnel into another, larger game experience.
users can cash in points to invest in the building of a giant robot with other players in their community circle.
these robots can then battle other communities’ robots for the chance to win trophies and landmarks to place in their towns.
what we’ve got is a game within a game within a game — surrounded by games. that’s a lot of games.



also, i will package “bob’s game” with it, with the best ending possible. heck, i’ll rename it to “r*****’s game.”

The Nd Console Launches – Bobs Game

to R***********@***.*******.com,

hey, help me out here man.

i actually pitched that idea to a few VC firms here in silicon valley and got some positive responses, i could probably do it myself- but i can’t get the ******* deal,
because you guys have your weird partnership there. doesn’t mean i couldn’t get the other fast food chains, or any one of dozens of other distributors.

if i could, there’s a pretty good chance it would take a big chunk of your market share.
as fun as that would be, i’d rather see ********** open up and get with the times.

a 16-bit app store- you know that’s the coolest thing ever, it would make everybody happy, it would open up a world of possibilities for developers everywhere.
why wouldn’t you do it?

i mean, ** is great and all, but why not do more? why the need to insist on market control while it’s being yanked out from beneath you?
why the halfway “me-too” closed app store? why disks at all?

are you guys just completely without any decision making power? is it political? is it contractual? is it stubborn leadership? national pride?
why take a giant risk like ********** and but refuse to embrace digital distribution?

that idea is just one possible solution to embracing the indie scene, what are you guys gonna do? keep ignoring it while ***** takes over?
are you going to do another sad halfway solution with the ***? maybe you’ll include a public indie section and then bury it?

i’m sure you know that, and maybe there’s a good (profitable) reason for it, but all the PR is blatantly BS or parroting.
why do you do that? why don’t you fix the problem instead of covering it up?
why don’t you guys actually try doing some good?

i’m genuinely trying to help by suggesting things, even if i’m a bit misguided- that’s only because i can’t possibly know the information required, so i have to make blind guesses. i think i’m pretty successful just with that!
i mean, i didn’t have to tell you guys about this at all. i wasn’t going to.
but i’m a good dude, and i guess i still just don’t want to believe ********** is full of dream crushing sociopaths.
someone there has a soul. you haven’t sued me yet, right?

why don’t we try to work something out?


yes, we are releasing several different form factors, including premium versions. (bigger screen, thicker plastics, etc)

having a price point at $10-$20 means we can iterate very quickly, since people can upgrade so cheaply.
using open standards also makes backwards compatibility extremely simple. for instance, a couple of years from now we will double the screen resolution and 2X the pixels on all previous games.

our Game Store will have several measures in place to combat saturation and quality issues. new developers will be required to upgrade and improve their titles often in order to keep them from expiring. this means your purchased games will constantly be improved. we have several other innovations as well, yet to be revealed.

the nD plugs into a PC as a controller (with a screen, *cough cough*) to interact with our massively multiplayer tournament world.

“bob’s game” is a game about a game called “bob’s game.”

“bob’s game” is a massive video game adventure RPG written in C.
It is the brainchild of Robert Pelloni, a reclusive, self-taught 27 year old game maker “prodigy.”
All content- concept, writing, graphics, music, and programming were created by him over the past 6 years.

“bob’s game” is a work of satire about gaming and the game industry, where the main
character “Yuu” plays games inside the game to find “the greatest game ever made” – the legendary “bob’s game.”
This virtual “bob’s game” inside of “bob’s game” is created by the in-game end boss character “bob,” the author’s alter-ego.

“bob” is a villainous, egomaniacal genius developer who believes he has uncovered a vast conspiracy in the game industry to hold back great games.
Believing himself on a quest to save the game industry, “bob” holds an interdimensional “bob’s game” tournament-
in order to gather every brainwashed gamer worldwide together at once and break the evil spell of shovelware.
If “Yuu” wants the industry to survive- “Yuu” must beat “bob” at his own game… and “Yuu” might just reveal the real truth. was an “alternate reality game-” a viral advertisement starring “bob” which created a real-life parallel to the events inside “bob’s game.”
there is no villain. it’s not real!!


the inDie handheld console

nD wiki – documentation, tutorials, and more. join in and help us create one of the most comprehensive independent development resource online.

nD forum – discuss development here, get help, share questions and answers, and interact directly with your fans.

unlike other video game companies, we don’t have an elaborate licensing process to go through to get started.

we don’t have a catch-22 restriction where in order to make a game, you have to have made a game.
we don’t care if you have an office or work out of a garage, or even in your mom’s basement. (everyone knows the best stuff is made that way.)
we’re not setting up a superficial submission system and yet somehow only working with the same dozen companies for decades.
we’re not interested in restraining or breaking your creative spirit before you even get started by telling you what you can and can’t try.
we won’t make you reveal all your ideas to us before you can mention you’re working on our system.
we don’t want to “review” your innovations before you get started to make sure it’s “right for us.”
we don’t care “who you know,” you don’t need the right “connections” to even know where to start.
we won’t tell you how, when, or if you can make your game.

…and after all this, we won’t make you sign a ton of non-disclosure agreements and then charge you
$2000 for a shoddy stack of open source tools with proprietary libaries that lock you into the platform.

this isn’t 1985. we don’t need to lock in developers! you can cross compile and build your games for whatever you want.
test, play, and debug on windows, mac, or linux, and compile for the nD when you’re ready.
go ahead! use whatever IDE you want! you aren’t stuck with an outdated commercial thing with a dongle activation license.
we’ll give you a better one for free!

just make a game, make it great, and keep making it better.

Skitzo of Merk – Run Run Run – Eraserhead Rap Mix

Skitzo of Merk – Run Run Run – Eraserhead Rap Mix

Kalamazoo rap legend Skitzo of Merk is back with another single off this hit album The Sumerian Tablet . conscious rap is back.
Film clip is from eraserhead and has been mashed with this song about running towards life death ,hell , jesus cutting things down with hatchets , killing monsters on the set and other eraserhead themes would of loved to show more scenes of henry running around .
This scene is when henry goes Mrs X house before the infamous dinner scene .

THE ORTHUS EP – skitzo of merk FT mastamind – COMING SOON

Bobs game and the ND Update – game industry selling drugs ?

if i was the ceo of a big video game company, i would probably think something like
“it sure is lonely working with the same 3 companies, this industry could use some excitement.”

the “game industry” is this sick, sad thing, really. the opposite of what it really should be- like hollywood. the executives come in the private entrances in their limos, getting on stage and putting on a show to a room full of kids. year after year seeing a new wave come in with stars in their eyes- and last year’s crop on the way out.

selling addictions, plastic distractions, siphoning money from middle class american kids. what kind of people do you think such a business attracts?
(have you noticed the name of their development site?)

even so! believe in people. let them try. don’t punish the innocent for the deeds of those in the past. the greatest systems in the world have thrived on this strategy, and those that do otherwise are doomed to expire. aren’t they?

well, i guess they aren’t gonna do it. worth a try, i guess!
i’ll tell you what though- i don’t want your damn chocolate factory.

man, i pitched this thing to PawnShop in february. guess that was a mistake! (yuu connect the dots.)
(but a tablet won’t work. some socioexecutive has been watching too much cnn!)


Kalamazoo Rapper Skitzo of Merk – Controversial song about killing cops gets artist banned from club

Skitzo of Merk one of Kalamazoo / Kzoos best hip hop acts performs a controversial song about killing cops , this song has lead him to have 2 shows canceled.

Here are the 2 news reports

Sgt. Chad VanderKlok clicked on a Youtube video just days after publicly saying goodbye to his friend, Officer Eric Zapata, who was shot and killed in the line of duty.