More bobs game nd secrets

Hidden messages on the bobs game site

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if i was the ceo of a big video game company, i would probably think something like

“someone else is incubating new third party developers?

we don’t have to take any of the risk? man! that sounds great!”

but that isn’t nearly as exciting, now is it?

somehow i feel manipulated! I MUST HAVE REVENGE!

seriously though, if those N dudes release an open app store that would be fantastic!

(they did delay their eshop thing! and probably leaked all that stream propaganda!)

i would totally release a special gloating version of bob’s game for it where i just laugh on the title screen for a flat minute, also i get to take alllll the credit for being the #1 jerk! nyah nyah nyah suckas!

but yeah i’m just gonna keep doing this thing either way cuz its reaaaaally great!







(the real world will be just fine)


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