Juggalo concerts shut down – ABK CONCERT CLOSED – POLICE WIN

Abk or The Anybody killa has just had his concert raided and shut down by the police and the vigilate group the JH .
Looks like the hatchetmans gang affiliation has now run its course and anything juggalo related will be shut down.


Juggalo Police Raid

photos and videos uploaded by juggalos on faygoluvers – “Big Ton” is the juggalo name, we will remove all footage if needed to press charges.


8 thoughts on “Juggalo concerts shut down – ABK CONCERT CLOSED – POLICE WIN

  1. Why the fuck do you guys hate juggalos so much n try to ruin somebodys good time you guys seriously should kill yourself.

  2. this is bull shit i do not appriciate the content hatchetman gang we no a gang we a family

    SOON 12 THEN 13

  3. We are going to exterminate juggalo’s and go to any length to do it. We are holding fundraisers for action against juggalo’s because if you pay money, you get action. Ban the hatchet, or bury it in a juggalo.

    • Lol not like ur actually gonna be able to do anything about us :p even if you do band the hatchet man all there gonna do is use a different logo and record label :p in fact thay can just change the name of the one thay own now and thay would be fine:p were not going anywhere my friend

    • we llive in peace you couse drama,you shut us down couse were not obama liston to our music do you realy want a war . your just scard of what we have become watch your back or we will recrute you sons .yo and by the by were not a gang so leave us alone ,its now time to give us a bone LETTER TO A HATER FUCK YOU BITCH WHOOP WHOOP

    • You nazi sons of bitches should get a god damn life and leave us alone. God what the fuck is wrong with u dumb bitches? Go listen to your justin bieber and leave us alone. All you do is hate and that makes you nazis your tryin to start another holocaust. This country was built on people doin what they want so why the fuck do you have to fuck with my good time because ur erectile disfunction is acting up? Why dont u go suck your furers dick and leave me alone.

  4. abk is probably my all time fav juggalo singer. He may be a little gangster but he has good values in his music. Why do you little bitches hate juggaloes so much? You are the guys commiting more crimes THAT HAVE VICTIMS! You need to calm down JH squares. WHOOP! WHOOP!

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