– the nd console

new console the nd from bob from
it looks like its a indy console which will cost $10 and run 16 bit games.
I cant wait.

It would seem Bob has returned from a year-long hiatus to being a 16 bit handheld game console called the “nD”. He explains (in an rather irritating vocal effect, imo) that this console will feature an App Store and could be sold for as low as $10. Indie Devs could make games for it without restrictions and receive 90% of the profits. Sounds like gaming heaven to me.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. If this is something that Bob truly can pull off, that might be his last shot at redeeming himself. If this is more viral madness, fuck him. Because it’s already gotten quite absurd. I felt that since Bob disabled comments, putting up a place to discuss would be good. This forum topic is, for the time being, your comments section. I also put up a poll on the portal page to the right of this post.

Also, I have the myBB backups, should this amount to something and we want a real forum again.

But let’s face it, there’s a pretty slim chance that will actually happen.


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