validated “Juggalo” gang member and his residence is known as a juggalo gang hangout.

A 17-year-old Carson City resident is to plead guilty March 14 to felony drug sales, accused of selling more than 60 grams of marijuana to a confidential informant.

Daniel Keenan Crawford was certified as an adult by District Judge Dave Gamble and taken into custody on Tuesday for two drug sales which reportedly occurred Jan. 26 and Feb. 3.

Crawford appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday with his lawyer, Kris Brown.

He waived a preliminary hearing and is to appear before District Judge Michael Gibbons in two weeks to enter a plea to possession of a controlled substance for sale.

Crawford is to remain in custody until his court date. He also is on a juvenile probation hold.

According to negotiations, the state won’t oppose his request for Western Regional Drug Court.

Originally, Crawford was charged with two counts of sales of a controlled substance.

“The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has a zero tolerance policy for persons engaged in drug sales and/or gang activity no matter their age,” said DCSO Sgt. Jim Halsey. “We will use every available resource to investigate those crimes and bring those engaged in those acts to justice.”

According to investigators, during questioning Crawford allegedly admitted sales in Douglas County and Carson City to as many as 25-50 customers.

According to reports, Crawford allegedly is a validated “Juggalo” gang member and his residence is known as a gang hangout.

“Juggalos” is the name given to followers of Insane Clown Posse, or other Psychopathic Records hip-hop groups.


3 thoughts on “validated “Juggalo” gang member and his residence is known as a juggalo gang hangout.

  1. What does this prove? Just because the press calls it a gang hideout doesn’t make it true. You guys are so pathetic that you hang on to every little thing that comes up against juggalos. This incident isn’t a big deal. Fuck in my town a lawyer just gpot caught dealin cocaine.

  2. so this site really exist n the jh is real wow u guysn gals r real losers. juggalos are not bad its assholes like you who are stop hatin n start congradulating

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