haters only make us famous

New tag line for the site

this is a common juggalo phrase which makes no sense so its now the tag to planet lotb.


7 thoughts on “haters only make us famous

  1. hey you guys are on a whole site about hatin juggalos right now and you know why? becouse you stupied ass people don’t understand and thats how it’s always gonna be you haters dont make us famus you make us strong MMFWCL.

  2. yeah i understand that this bitch pussy only posts the anti-juggalo shit he makes up then this bitch creates 5 id’s and pretends to be 5 different people to piss off Juggalos reading this fake ass shit. Only so Juggalos can write a comment to have it await approval for posting, and it is then deleted to further piss Juggalos off.. FUCK THIS BITCH PROPAGANDA SHIT.. UNJFAGGOTS .. MUTHA FUCKAS …!! OPAQUE BROTHERHOOD !! .. BITCH !!

  3. it means that the more we are talked about the more people know about us making us more famous and honestly we give two damns about negative or positive comments from any one else

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