Ex Juggalos Cut Hatchetman Logo

More juggalos need to see the light like these ex juggalos


17 thoughts on “Ex Juggalos Cut Hatchetman Logo

  1. bre u guys think these fakes were real juggalos u must be trippen for real dog stop this drama cuz im just warning u now.u r strting a war. and tell u the truth us juggalos and juggolettes that r real dont take this shit we are family not just any gang we are family that stand up for wat we beleave in its a realigion we Rep god were not saintanic bre get ur shit straight any questions u might have contact me

    • these pussies were never juggalos,juggalos dont just quit cuz there a bitch “cuz they got there ass whoped” I got jumped for bein a juggalo me and my family made sure they got theres and id get my ass whoped anyday for bein a juggalo this sites pisses me off wene we go to this war me and my homies from the 313 well be right there hatchets high

    • whoop whoop wut good wit it fam man this video is bull this violent j never said they were done wit the jokers cards and even if they did y niggas gettin mad this is wut they meant by if u wit us put up ya hatchets and if u not wit us then foget us whoop whoop

  2. lol you really need to learn to spell.This exactly why i have absolutly no respect for icp fans nor will i ever.You or anyone else won’t change that.It’s extremly annoying as fuck getting told by these immature retard ass clowns the can’t spell worth shit say that they’re better than me or anyone for that matter.I don’t nor will i ever claim I’m better than anyone because I listen to a certain band or genre. I’m not saying this to be a bitch I’m saying that EVERY single icp fan ive ever came in contact with has tried starting fights with me and making stupid online threats that will don’t ammount to anything.Someone please tell me how the fuck am I supposed to respect someone that does nothing but make silly threats and talk shit????I’ts seriously pathetic that someone that wears paint on their face and calls a cleaver a hatchet and sends death threats to almost everyone on facebook can be taken seriously.I just can’t understand why you think you’re soooo cool

    • yo fuck that your just a hater dude im a fucking juggalo and im also an all A student i don’t fuckin hate on people and i ain’t never had a problem with anyone till they had a problem with me and don’t let these fake ass juggalos give us a bad name thats like saying all football players are fat and stupied we’ll don’t be a fucking hater dude thats just weak for real.

  3. really you’re an A student????Then wtf did you spell STUPID WRONG????and really you true juggalos don’t hate on anyone yeah fucking right ive seen sooooo many so called real juggalos profiles everyfucking where and guess what THEY ALL SAY THE SAME FUCKING THING.Most of them say I’m a true juggalo and if you’re not a part of my so called family get the fuck off my page or some stupid bullshit like that id post some but that takes too much searching and effort haha but still i’m pretty sure i have a right to not like or hate whatever the fuck i want just saying you won’t ever stop me.You show me a nice juggalo and maybe i’ll give icp a chance but until you do i will continue to never ever like them.

    • He may have bad spelling, but your grammar is just as bad, you dumb bitch! Why don’t you make sure your shit is right, before criticizing some one else’s shit! You dumb fucking retard!

    • You know, not every juggalo is an asshole, just like I would like to assume most human beings aren’t, which by the way you are not helping that case. People see juggalos as assholes because no one gives them a chance, we get outcast and decide to listen to an unconventional genre of music as a way to relate to and/or cope with other shit. You have your musical preferences as do we, so honestly what makes us so bad? Say it’s because some of us do drugs… Okay, I, for one, have never done a single drug in my entire life so I can stay a clean person as a pledge I made to myself when I was younger, AND even if doing drugs were the case, what’s so bad about that? Lil Wayne, Nickelback, and Eminem all do or have done drugs before. Say it’s because juggalos have killed people before… Okay, once again, not the only people in the world who have done so, I don’t condone such behavior, but why is it that only juggalos have to do that? If I recall correctly, Marilyn Manson fans, Eminem fans, and many other people that are fans of many other miscellaneous bands have also committed homicide, it’s not solely juggalos out there killing off today’s population. Some people have serious mental illnesses and take some shit completely out of hand and take the wrong course of action, that’s no one’s fault, but their own. What I’m getting at is juggalos aren’t bad people, we’re not all assholes contrary to popular belief, some of us have problems and are easily provoked and say stupid shit once aggravated, but how are we to blame, don’t a lot of other people get aggravated at stupid bullshit too? Just calm down, no one’s asking you to give Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, or anybody else on Psychopathic Records a chance, just don’t bad-mouth us juggalos for the same shit that all fans of music do.

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