Esham and other artists threated by juggalo gang

The Juggalo gang known as juggalo punkz has issued death threats and attacks to acts and people attending the gathering , well known off again / on again insane clown posse affiliate esham is issued a death threat by this group called the juggalo punks , if this isnt a reason to stop the gathering then what is ??


2 thoughts on “Esham and other artists threated by juggalo gang

  1. LOTB, thanks for bringing to light that this very issue is something that the Juggalo Family is struggling to deal with. We are out numbered by the growing fucktards who cant read or listen.

    It is confusing to us who get it, that these loser groups are associating themselves to a movement of magnificent people who follow the basic concepts of KARMA. And being a JUGGALO, there is no such thing as a sub-group. Have you ever had a dumb student LOTB? There is no such thing as UNJF. Well that is unless you created it. Bring a skinhead group walking into a group of down Juggalos and watch who will give ya an ass beating too set that confusion straight! Emo Juggalo? Punx Juggalos? Furry Juggalos? UNJF? Bring on your Nazi Skinheads claiming to be Juggalo! And for hyping our Juggalo wheel of life as a Nazi item, learn about the JUGGALO WHEEL OF LIFE; to us, it represents the Buddhas teachings of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold path and we are gonna take that shiat back! Why do you think they call Juggalos Ninjas? Dark Lotus and the path to Shangri-La? LOTB don’t follow dumb ideas and twist symbols like Hitler did. Do your homework and follow the way of the Buddha. Let go of attachments and let go of the hate in your heart because you cant let go of the fact that a down ass Juggalo took your girl because you wouldn’t let go of being EMO. MMFWCL

  2. I just wanted to clairify us Nazi Skins HATE stupid ass Jewgalos like Faggot 2 dicks and Violent Jew so there is no such thing as the UNJF because if there was they would have to lynch their own nigger loving ass if that was true…

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