Nerd Rage everywhere in Gamestop tonight- World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

I went with a friend of mine to Gamestop tonight to pick up the new World of Gaycraft expansion for her sister. As soon as I walked in, I recognized a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and went to talk to him. The friend I came with finalized her receipt, and came over to where I was, and we stood there until the game was released. People were mad as fuck, we could hear them whispering shit and everything. So, we got to the counter, paid for the game, and left. Turns out we got the last collector’s edition, and people were cussing us out while we left.

It was a good time.  lol

Fuck ever going to Gamestop during a WoW event again.
Only reason I went  was to see if the prices dropped or not on a few games I’m looking at.

It’s a small store, and it was packed with fat forty year olds and the entire place smelled like three day old bacon grease.

Some guy yelled for the hoard when he got his copy, and like eight people were like fuck the horde and then some harsh words were exchanged.  lol



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