Hatchet Gear Selling Swastika juggalo merchandise

more juggalo racism
Belt Buckle – Psychopathic – Hatchetman Spinner
Product Number: PSY4780
Availability: In stock.

The center circle spins, yo!


which genius created this – one of icps designers must be part of the unjf




29 thoughts on “Hatchet Gear Selling Swastika juggalo merchandise

  1. Were racist idiots huh you don’t no shit bout us for 1 were aginst racism and bigotry 2 you need to do you fucking research before you open your cocksucker so yall JH pussys need to back the fuck off before anymore innocent blood is spilt but if yall realy want to settle this beef why don’t yall come to the gathering next year but I promise if you do it’ll be a blood bath and none of yall will make it out alive


    • actually, that would be spelling, not grammar. Take a listen to your own sermon, this is how your response should look.

      yousd? Ha, ha! What the fuck?! Learn some grammar, it’s USED.

      Don’t get mad though, if you’re going to correct, prepare to be corrected. The master of the English language has spoken… in English!

  2. what the fuck are yall talking bout i know like 30 or 40 african american,asian, jewish,arab juggalos and lettes and everything if you listend to their music yu would know that ir says it in their songs all the time tht we accept all colors shapes and sizes and all ages like wtf learn your shit b4 you talk

  3. hahahahaha asians like icp seriously??????????its bad enough they have small dicks and also terrible taste in music id really love to see a asian juggatard cuz ive never ever seen one before

  4. All juggalos are dumb bitches and should put a hatchet up their ass. You guys paint your faces cause your all ugly as fuck and the facepaint makes you look ugly but it’s 10 times better than your ugly bitchass self. Juggalos are all faggots and non of them are hard they just wanna wear the same red shirt every day so they thought, “hey that ugly ass motherfucker is a juggalo and he never changes his shirt, I wanna be a juggalo!” fuck you juggalos

    • Ooooh, you can for a cogent thought! I’m intimidated. Looks ain’t shit bitch, you’ll be wearin’ ladies fuckin’ rouge when i’m done slappin’ that bitch ass face ‘a’ yers wit ma axe bitch.

    • you are a bitch and you can fuck your self and if you can take the famley on we are goin to leve you cryin to your momma fuck you come and get me

  5. you fucking haters are so stupied theres fucking black people on the hatchet no were in any of there fucking music do they say anything about killing blacks or mexicans or jews or any of that shit all they talk about is killing haters…..think about it and thanks for the link im goin to get one of these buckles for sure

  6. haha stupied and wtf should you care if someone doesn’t like you????i know alot of people don’t like me either but you don’t see me painting my face and rapping about it.Face it I’m not going to like this band nor will I ever you’re not going to stop me from that.

    • no one is trying to, i respect the fact that you don’t give a shit. I don’t, however, respect the fact that you obviously get a rise outta hatin’ n shit. People are people, no matter what we like or don’t, no matter if you look like a street walkin’ whore or a clown. We’re all a part of the hapless mass that is humanity. We’re all worthless in a galactic sense, and none of will amount to much more than recycled waste! FUCK YOU! FUCK ME! AND FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!! And when you say “wtf should you care if someone doesnt like you????!” i say, WTF do you care to even tell me you don’t like me… get the fuck on! I aint got time fa’dat shit!

  7. i got to the bottom a dis shit, that is in fact a nazi swazzi, not a tibetin (or however the fuck you spell that shit) swazzi. NINJAZ DONT BUY DAT SHIT! the arms twist right for nazi shit, and left for lagit ass peace shit. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. The item is no longer available so i guess it doesn’t matter. It’ll probably become rare and sought after freshness.


  9. really? what drugs was they on? better yet their mother? its like they stalkin us waitn for somethin they could get off to addin some excitement to there very dull boreing life if you guys are that bored to create such minor up roar sittn there jackin ya shit to words typed up in vain hey what ever floats your boat not all of us are what you state u want a hug? ill give ya one! hugz for the holocaust yay! an guess what! hate doesnt require club members lol if u hate us then u hate us thats it why must u have a club? i bet you guys gang bang :0

  10. Im not a juggalo but i used to listen to a few songs by them like boogyman and fuck the world but now i listen to vinnie paz and RA the rugged man because i like bumpin shit but if someone wants to dress like a queer or paint their face idgaf just dont come rubbin up on my legs or the brass knuckles will be out.

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