Juggalos = Bad Parents – madrox has juggalo education

Juggalo Education: Madrox knows the fam!

“My 2 year old son, Madrox, identifying various members of Psychopathic Records from a collage I made.”

Firstly the son is named after a violent band member then they teach the child to identify shaggy 2 dope and hatchet man over maths or reading … probably the child’s lullabies contain the F word a juggalo education …..


2 thoughts on “Juggalos = Bad Parents – madrox has juggalo education

  1. Dont know about you guys but when I was a young child I knew multiple things in life. From my ABC’s, to the names of my favorite cartoon characters. Hell, I grew up listening to classic rock and could name out multiple Doors, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin songs, albums, and members. I had my younger days with the drugs, most ppl go through a stage in life, i grew out of that and manned up and joined the military and serve my country. I am a JUGGALO. What I think is going on here is some bad apples in the group personally attacked someone close to you which brought you this rise in hatred for a group of people. Hate the people responsible, not the entire group. This little group here sounds ridiculously similar to those that call us all infidels because we live in America. Go get a life and stop devoting your time to hating a group of people. A woman, a job, a real hobby. Also from what I hear your little group is 10 times worse then what it preaches against. Your WHOLE GOAL is to KILL another human being for their BELIEFS. Think that was the whole thing of ww2… oh wait, yall even call it a Holocaust. You realize saying that also is greatly offensive to the jewish community. I hope and pray you change your ways before you wind up serving an eternity in hell.

    I am a sailor
    I am a brother
    I am a son
    I am a christian

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