what does october 31st / halloween mean to juggalos


No one had put it up, and i wanted to like it so i made a page.

I immediately recieved death threaths from a juggalo supporter.

For your health!

Also after October 31st I would like to know how many of them you got. My goal is at least 5


6 thoughts on “what does october 31st / halloween mean to juggalos

  1. its a day for us to go on a mother fucker murder spree. we wait all year nigga, dont cha fucking know us wicked clowns gonna leave your neck a bloody mess. mmwfcl to all los and lletes who see this faggots fucking site.

  2. Come try to punch this juggalo ill knock everyone of u bitchs out its going to be punch a bitch ass hater day juggalos and letts turn this around on these bitchs mcl to the family

  3. if any of you dumb ass chumps think you can get close enough to hit me then be my guest lmao yall crazy tho, Nashville TN bell road, how ever you wanna get it ill give it to ya bitch. this is not a game, you talk about you gonna punch me for bein a juggalo and wonder why we get violent with you? you try and come start some shit with me and see whats really good. im sorry your bitch pussy family grew up in a vagina hole neighborhood with pussy ass niggas around you but soon as you come out you lil neighborhood you duck at the sight of a lo, pussy ass bitches like i said Nashville TN 615, i got 1oz hollow tip slugs for you pussy bitches if you REALLY think you want it.

  4. All juggalos are dumb bitches and should put a hatchet up their ass. You guys paint your faces cause your all ugly as fuck and the facepaint makes you look ugly but it’s 10 times better than your ugly bitchass self. Juggalos are all faggots and non of them are hard they just wanna wear the same red shirt every day so they thought, “hey that ugly ass motherfucker is a juggalo and he never changes his shirt, I wanna be a juggalo!” fuck you juggalos

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