Juggalo Heartbroken and Homicidal – Dont Stop Beliving New Track

New Track From Twizted Heartbroken and homicidal – Dont Stop Beliving unjf edition.

Don’t stop believin’, the UNJF is gaining numbers.


2 thoughts on “Juggalo Heartbroken and Homicidal – Dont Stop Beliving New Track

  1. This is the worst represtentaion of juggalos I’ve ever seen this hurts my love for the family it shouldn’t matter who you are just your love for music. On another note juggalos aren’t supposed to be bigot fucks you should be ashamed to call yourself juggalos. I think you should be held down by a black guy and be skinned by a Jew, starting by takin the skin and the facepaint off your face. And finished by ripping out your hateful heart, you disgust me you lowly pieces of shit I hope the wraiths damns you to everlasting fire of hell!

  2. what the fuck is this shit are you kidding me this is some stupid fuckin shit you should go kill yourself you fucker are what nis ruining this family and my love for the hachet man what the hell how fuckin dare you call yourself a juggalo you deserve to get your dicks cut off and shoved down your racist bigget fuck juggahoe mouths if one of would ever call yourself a JUGGALOAND A NAZI at the gathering you would probably get you spines ripped out from your mouth you all who claim the hachetand nazis are just fucking posers you no more then a fuckin chicken an if i see you im going to start huntin your bitchasses

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