What is punch a juggalo day about ?

What the hell is punch a juggalo day about ?Well we drink PUNCH with A JUGGALO (NOTE TO JUGGALOS READ THE BOLD WORDS )

it happens every year on halloween – october 31st if you see a juggalo wearing a hatchet man or face paint you go up to them and offer them a PUNCH.


PUNCH A JUGGALO DAY every year on Halloween – Thanks to the JH and Planet LOTB


8 thoughts on “What is punch a juggalo day about ?

  1. Dang man is there really this much hate in the world today that we can’t sit beside a juggalo. Well I’m a juggalo that has graduated from high school, independent, goin into the Marines and on my way to college as well, yes I also have a juggalo family and my dearest friend and fellow juggalo Minister Rexx of Juggalo Youth Ministries have helped others like us find Jehovah(God) and get through the problems that they had in their life. One myth that i have to bust right here right now:”All juggalos are weak, use eachother as a ‘family’ crutch and are immature.” Not of all of us are lik this and when I had seen what had happened to Tila it had shocked me but in all seriousness stuff happens and we just have to deal with it because it’s either we get away from it or jus deal with it and since Tila WAS unaware of what was about to happen to her, she just had to deal with it until it had passed. Now I AM sophisticated and hace more than just juggalo friends and the non-juggalos that I chill with don’t hate us at all and they know what bad some of them have done. Not all Psycopathic Record music is bought, actually most is downloaded llike most of the media in the world is. Wickid Clowns never die along with the rest of the human population according to Buddhism, Christianty and other religions. To them we either go to paradise, Shangri-La Heaven, or get reincarnated based upon how you had lived your life and that’s NOT speaking in offensive languages. Seems like to me that there are people in the world that would rather hate on us then putting all this energy into what the real problems are in not only the world but also the United States as well. THE GOVERNMENT. Before I close out look around you and look at the real problems goin on around you. God bless and I’ll probably won’t be back here for I have spoken my mind upon this JH.
    Punch A juggalo day 31st october

  2. Oh and I had also forgot that I am a black juggalo with other black juggalos as friends also so that racist theory can go to rest. God bless and live peacefully. Much Clown Love
    – – –

    • I’m a juggalette. I work forty plus hours a week. I’m going to college for Graphic Design. I have my own apartment, pay my own bills, and then I make enough money for other things. I love my family and my clown family. If you all don’t like it then, suck my dick. Hahahaha.

  3. Is it reallii that much hate,wow what is the world comming too…i am a juggalette…& my life is goinqq great…y are you ppl always throwing hate towards us,you dont see us hatinqq..datz all i have to say…much clown love whoop whoop!!!

  4. Wow. Punch a juggalo day. I been down since 97. Yep. Graduated high school. Im a tattoo artist and a lyricist. Yep work 40 + hrs a week. Raisin my family. Wtf? Im suprised. Really i mean some asshole chucks shit at a hoe who bares her tits on stage and another asshole chucks a full beer can at a rap legend AND tha lead artists warned everyone b4 hand that tha shit could happen not to mention tha dumb ass hoe was warned not to go on stage then STAYED onstage while being pelted with rocks and literally shit. Now a whole community is targeted. Sieg hiel sound familiar? Dont get me wrong meth didnt deserve to get smocked wit tha beer but tila fuking begged 4 it. Dont even think she didnt. EVERYONE from friends and family to show staff told her not to perform. Fuckin really people. Let a muhfuka punch me come halloween. Ive heard tha morgue has very nice accomodations.

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