Punch A juggalo Day – October 31st

Punch a juggalo day is here – october 31st

find and punch a juggalo – more news to follow


7 thoughts on “Punch A juggalo Day – October 31st

  1. yall wanna punch a juggalo bring yo ass out to vegas city of sin i believe we got some juggalos that will be happy to beat yo ass dont be dum you gonna fuck around and get killed runnin up on ramdom juggalos yall some dum asses and yall have the nerve to try and call us dum fuck u fuck yo family fuck yo friends and they family oh bitch ass haters yall a bunch of cry baby ass bitchs stop yo cryin

  2. mother fucker try to punch me ill trace your ip and kill your hole fuck jh crew your a lame ass mother fucker im askin you to email we can meet and your pussy ass can have a chance to hit me then im gonna beat the ever liven hell out of you

  3. bahahahahaha oh juggalos, you couldn’t beat up anyone. I love that this is Oct 31, makes it finding a juggalo easier cause they all dress up as violent j.

  4. just to go ahead and let everybody know, none of these juggalo holocaust people have ever done shit and theyre never gonna do shit, they’re nothin but bitches with internet access. you know my area, you can have my address, you can come to my area and i promise youll never say another unkind word about a juggalo outside of the comfort of the four walls in your room. yall are pussy, you fail at life, your mothers failed at raising you, and if you ever have children i pray that dcs takes that kid and puts it in a home with people who wont raise em on hate. bein a juggalo is about love for one another, i dont get violent till my allergies start goin off from pussy haters bein around me. so ONCE AGAIN im callin out someone, ANYONE with this juggalo holocaust bullshit, to come to Nashville TN and do whatever it is you think your gonna do. and i hope you come with cash cus ima run them pockets bruh lmao. MCL fam.

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