Punch a Juggalo Day – Juggalo Holocaust First Holiday

Time to end the clown problem , let them know this halloween – Punch a juggalo day – do it for tila tequila and method man.


7 thoughts on “Punch a Juggalo Day – Juggalo Holocaust First Holiday

  1. Ah! FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS. I’M A JUGGALETTE FOR LIFE AND YOU ALL ARE THE DUMB ASS BITCHES! TILA (MAKE BELIEVER) WAS warned by ICP not to go on and her dumbass went ahead and went on stage. So, I’ll stick my middle finger up and tell you FUCK YOU ALL!

  2. if any of you dumb ass chumps think you can get close enough to hit me then be my guest lmao yall crazy tho, Nashville TN bell road, how ever you wanna get it ill give it to ya bitch. this is not a game, you talk about you gonna punch me for bein a juggalo and wonder why we get violent with you? you try and come start some shit with me and see whats really good. im sorry your bitch pussy family grew up in a vagina hole neighborhood with pussy ass niggas around you but soon as you come out you lil neighborhood you duck at the sight of a lo, pussy ass bitches like i said Nashville TN 615, i got 1oz hollow tip slugs for you pussy bitches if you REALLY think you want it.

  3. and by the way, it was me and my nigga that ran up on that chump that hit method man with the beer can so we got that handled dont worry we take care of our own just like we take care of hatin faggots like yaselves

  4. juggalo holocaust my muthafuckin juggalo ass! shit as of this morning i hold too many victories to count and have therefore deemed myself “The Untouchable” Frostbite Kid. no disrespect to the fam but if u want the juggalos gone you gotta wipe us ALL out … on that note go back and read my name … UNTOUCHABLE.

    dare you go on to planet-lotb.com ???

  5. Whoop Whoop 605 Juggaloz up in here if u want us gone so bad then try it but u need to remember tht we are worldwide nd tht will never stop we juss keep on growing but if they wanted us gone so bad they wouldve done it when we all first started no disrespect to the family so be ready im from Pine Ridge SD 605 WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

  6. i hope one of yall bitch boys punches me on halloween cause ur as will be in the river wit a rock tied to ur foot

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