Tila Tequila Talks about suing icp , Last GOTJ


Tila Tequila calls the gathering of the juggalos ,unorganized and violent,as soon as he got there juggalos were following her car,and unless you are part of physcopathic you got no trailer . Tila was psuhed into icps  trailer by security ,due to the crowed getting violent before the show. Physopathic and event staff told her juggalos were going to attack then staff told promoter to not let her go on. Tila tequila told icp it is not ok for fans to do this so Violent j and shaggy 2 dope gave juggalo warnings at a meeting then begged tila to do a song and just get out there .

However when tila tequila got on stage she knew what would happen , got confetti spary and was going to spray some and make a joke but tila tequia got pelted with items as soon as she got on , fecese and urine was thrown , face hit with stone – juggalos were not there to boo they were “juggalo monsters” – angry and violent – not there to embarrass her , but to hurt her.

Regarding the legal charges to be pressed against ICP and psychopathic records – Alec Bakeman her lawyer has got witnesses ready and they are ready for a case , however tila hopes that this is the last gathering of the juggalos , she then shows her scars .

We hope this is the last gathering as well Tila and your brave case has the jugglo holocausts loyal support.

6 thoughts on “Tila Tequila Talks about suing icp , Last GOTJ

  1. THATS FUCKIN BULSHIT!! she got dissed by my family because she’s a phoney!! u cant just wake up one day and decide ” o im gonna be a juggalette” no it dont work dat way!! so i think it ended pretty well. she got wat she deserved and she made a big mistake showing up at the gathering. now she knows that she dont belong there!

  2. BRAVE CASE?! WHAT?! Fuck that! She got on stage, knowing what would happen, and then acts surprised when it happens? That’s not brave, that’s fucking stupid! She thinks she can get up in front of the family and be respected? No fucking way. And this will NOT be the last Gathering, because the Juggalos and ICP will NEVER die!
    Oh, and whoever wrote this article needs to go back to school and learn basic grammer and spelling, because this thing is fucked all to hell…

  3. lol yall stupid, 2 reasons why tila was there. 1 she woke up one day, after realizing she needed to do something before her vh1 money ran out, that she wanted to be a music artist, and 2 she was there to fuck shaggy. 3 things wrong with that, 1 her music sucks dick, 2 you cant start claimin lo/lette just cus thats the type of show your doing, you can do a shout out to the los n lettes but dont say your somethin your not, and 3 she provoked an angry crowed, which is just fucking dumb. it doesnt matter if your at a fucking cupcake convention you DONT PROVOKE ANGRY CROWDS! its like katt williams sayd you cant walk in and say “fuck everybody n the club” n expect to make it back to your car in one piece. he wasnt just sayin it to make you laugh its true. quit feelin bad for this vh1 whore and let her learn from her mistake, nobody learned fire was hot without burning so let her burn and maybe next time she wont play with fire

  4. Posts like these only show that anyone, especially the mentally challenged… wait I don’t want to insult the retards now so I’ll start over. Posts like these only show that anyone, including FUCKING IDIOTS can post dumb shit online. Learn how to spell. If you are going to have a website, at least take a lesson or two in grammer. The sad thing is that if you follow the link to this guys facebook site, he specifically knocks on peoples short-hand. WTFYSSOB (WHAT THE FUCK YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH) Is your feeble little mind too simple to comprehend and decipher acronyms? So sad. BTW, there are a lot of juggalos that are educated. Not like that makes a difference though considering all of the successful people without educations. Once you grow up, you will realize that finding things to bitch about other people is well… just lame. The chances are that you will end up living in your mothers basement and never mentally excel past the intelligence of a pre-pubescent child. Peace. MMFWCL Juggalo fam. Keep ya hatchets swingin at the necks of these insignificant little fucks.

  5. why the fuck cant you idiots tell the difference between a goddamn hatchet and a fucking meat cleaver retards how do they work?? and Kaine and every other retard nothing in this article is spelled wrong so i think YOU need your eyes checked i just simply cant understand what the point if this so called band is you call yourselves christians but worship god in a dark wayand you think the dark carnival is real,you paint your faces like retarded clowns,you call a cleaver a hatchet,you constantly talk shit about dead people in other bands like Slipknot that shit isn’t right one day a member your favorite band WILL i repeat WILL die and you wont want anyone talking shit about them and i can go on and on but i just dont get it

  6. and why do you insit on calling icp underground????yeah their music might not be played on the radio or tv but their shitty t-shirts and meat cleaver gear are sold in MAINSTREAM STORES hot topic spencer off the wall so underground wtf?

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