Why Did Juggalos throw rocks at Tila Tequila – and ICP did nothing to stop it?


There are many reasons behind the attack on poor Tila Tequila by the idiotic fans called juggalos and the reason why out activist group The JH – Juggalo holocaust was created to inform the public on what menace these juggalos cause to society.

Firstly as soon as Tila Tequila was announced juggalos planned to throw rubbish , we pointed this out with quotes from juggalos that they were going to do something and yet no additional protection or security measures were offered .

Tila Tequila is mainstream , which made her a target , as Juggalos and icp are underground it would seem tila tequila a mtv star would not fit in , however this was known by Physcopathic records and the booking choice was wrong .

Tracy smothers and corperal robinson both wrestlers have had similar fates with rubbish rocks and bottles thrown to the point of having a video begging juggalos to not throw items .

However Tila Tequila is not a big wrestler she is a small woman and a simple way to ensure her security would of been for a member of icp or twizted to attend with tila .

Tila Tequilas blog called ICP Insane Klown Posse not the Insane clown posse , which helped infuriate fans even more however they had already planned this event to happen from the very begining her name was announced and the reason was due to Bubba Sparxxx.

It seems to most juggalos that Tila Tequila was planned by icp and Psychopathic Records as this years Bubba Sparxx That she was purposfily hired by icp was this reason which made her a target for juggalos.A history lesson the third annual Gathering of the Juggalos was held in the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois for four days, with over 8,000 in attendance. Bubba Sparxxx was booed offstage and has since left a mark on future Gatherings, as acts sharing similar fates have been said to have received the “Bubba Sparxxx award”.

Tila was going to be this years Bubba Sparxxx award winner – planned in advance,she was going to get booed offstage ridiculed and treated like a joke in the eyes of juggalos she was purposely hired to be ridiculed and attacked , but they planned to take their created Bubba Sparxxx award too far.

Psychopathic Records could of easily avoided tension by having someone come out with her that would not be attacked like a member of twizted or abk therefore averting the problem , however it seems they knew what would happen and let it happen anyway.



6 thoughts on “Why Did Juggalos throw rocks at Tila Tequila – and ICP did nothing to stop it?

  1. Just so y’all mother fuckers know, I’m driving home to CT as I type this(well I’m not driving, someone else is, that would be illegal!), and prior to Tila Tequilas set, she went on at 3am, around 4pm Friday afternoon ICP had a seminar to inform us juggalos that throwing shit at Tila is not to happen! So, for you biased, bigot mother fuckers, get your facts right! And lastly, there’s no way anyone could’ve been on stage with her, cause once again you don’t know shit, and there are twelve different sections with shit happenin all over up to 5 or 6 am! She shoulda just said no, and not showed up, bitch! Woo Woo!

  2. You guys have been flawed for the last year and people are sick of your mass trolling gay orgy fest so why dont you come out of the closet and tell the juggalos that your fighting them about god and how they are your nothing more then internet pussys that want attention and fame well its starting to deminish along with you this is the end of your reign this is the end of days so be happy with what you have now because we have risen and were not backing down from white niggers like you, The Third Party

  3. What a bunch of white trash hopeless morons. First, I’m from Detroit. I’ve been to icp shows before, and it’s garbage. It really makes me laugh that someone would call themself a “juggalo” and think their part of some kinda family. Just abunch of dirty kids from the Midwest gettin together thinking there apart of something big. Got news for all of you losers… No one in the D is running around with hatchetmen stickers talking about the dark carnival. There’s a reason that shitty band goes out to the sticks to recruit you hillbillies. I gotta ask the juggalos, are you guys against hot Asian girls taking off their tops? Fuck her and her music, I know she sucks but around here men usually like seeing a pair of tits, considering probably 98% of that audience is men makes me wonder about the juggalos sexuality. Listen guys, give pussy a try, I promise it’s defentally more fun than having a mullet and slamming into abunch of other white trash gettin hosed down with faygo. Not to mention you did the same shit to method man and redman? What, was it to hard to take in real rap or was it throw shit at everyone not wearing clown paint? Icp couldn’t hold wu tangs dick while they pissed let alone hang with them in the rap industry. You retards blew a good opportunity to see what a real rap show is all about. The world has seen the juggalo family and has judged it accordingly. Now go back to your parents house in the trailer park, steel afew newports outta your moms purse and sit down for a minute to think about what a white trash cliche you all are. I commend icp for squeezing as much money outta you hicks as they have. I can’t knock their hustle, but. Their music and their fans are garbage.

  4. you know what. why the fuck cant you just let people be? its not like anythings gonna happen over this tila tequila bullshit. she faked some of them fuckin scars. and not to mention, she made a big move against herself by taking the pics herself and sending the pics to a magazine before she did the police you dumb fucks!

  5. At this point, I dont even know if anyone is gonna see this post, but fuck it, first of all, i dont like I.C.P., theyre garbage, but forget that, im only posting in response to “the third party”. What the fuck are u doing commenting on this subject, you sorry, sack of racist shit, i really cant fucking believe people can be that stupid. White Niggers? Really? if you hate black people, and people who follow their culture, then why are you listening to I.C.P.? Theyre rappers! Where the fuck do you think rap music came from you redneck slime ball? Why dont you climb back into the primordial ooze, and stop tryin to bring other people down with you. And as far as your having risen to any kind of level of serious intimidation, open your fucking eyes, theres life outside of Mobile Alabama.(No offense to the good non-racist people living there or wherever you come from). and for that matter, as much as I hate I.C.P., Ill bet they’d agree with me for the most part, who needs fans like you. aesop out.

  6. wtf they had 1 in peoria i go there for concerts that makes me not wanna go there anymore knowing that fucking juggalosers i dont care how much you love icp i have a right to not like them and if you cant respect that youre retarded

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