Mr high mixtape aimed for october

Jeff nipples is looking for some decent indy rappers – sign up to get your raps promoted for free.

“I dont see any real rappers left here really but unhappy but none the less I will throw this offer out to anyone that may want to apear on this mixtape submit me a track or tracks whatever. Its going to have some of my jnw boys on it of course but a lot of it wont be as well. Its going to have some local rappers from where im from then just a bunch of new faces as well.”



One thought on “Mr high mixtape aimed for october

  1. What the heck is your problem? Cause you just sit behind a computer and say stuff about Juggalos, you think your bad and know what we really are! You need to leave our’s lives alone, and get your own lives!Juggalos commiting crimes? Not all of us do that stuff, plus to top it. ICP hates fans who commits crimes, cause they take everything seriously and I mean everything, watch this ABC news video that they had on Juggalos and look at the very end on what ICP says! get out of our lives if you do call yourself one and do crimes. Plus, I know all about you every freaking thing about Jeff Nipples (which is a stupid name.) I mean heck, Enmiem, and other rappers say Violent things, does crimes (so has their own fans) there’s a real gang called D12 all over, and if Enmiem can say this crap and other rappers, I want to freaking know why are we so different where everyone had to say things? But, other rappers say these things and their fans are acting just as bad (Like fake Juggalos- who does crimes) Plus, Marilyn freaking Manson had tons of his fans commit crimes, and they say that they were told by him, but everyone looks the other freaking way? Leave us alone.. Juggalette for life…

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