Juggalos are Ninjas

Juggalo – Magic Magic Ninja What

juggalo ninja
same as a juggalo except at the highest rank of juggalo
At school I’m the juggalo ninja.


4 thoughts on “Juggalos are Ninjas

  1. ok check it out this juggalo hater ass website is fuckin joke to me wtf like really you hate icp and the music that surounds you have to fuckin hate? seriously what gods fuckin name are you bitch pussys gonna do to us we got fucking 5000 thousand juggalos and juggalettes you have like…what is it like mabey 100-200 you get your fuckin asses wrecked you dont want that to happen seriously i mean i seen some of these fuckin pussys in oklahoma or some shit and i had my juggalo baseball jersey on hatchet man neckless clown make up the work cuse i was partying with a bunch of juagglo’s and lettes and i go into a store to get some monsters ciggarettes and shit i walk and these to dude was standing in my way and i said you got a fucking problem or something get the fuck outta my way and they said were members you the caust and i was like juggalo halowhat ever the fuck those pussys call it and they got pissed and started beating the shit out of me something snapped on me and i fuckin hit this fuck in the jaw some goddamn hard it knocked momma into fuckin orbit and i slamed the others head into a car door and i stood for a second and they layed there so i was like that was fun while it lasted…but seriously these guys are fuckin straight bitches i wish i could find the leader or have the leader come to me i would beat his bitch ass so damn hard that he will never set foot on arkansas soil again thats right bitches SOUTHERN GODDAMN JUGGALO OF THE NIGHT SKY like if you pussy fucks in this halocaust really want some come to fayetteville arkansas numbers 1479-839-3432 and if you feel like getting your head slammed hit me up Dillon is the name btw oh yeah fuck the juggalo halocaust nothing but abuch of dumbasses hateing becuse we are a FAMILY WHOOP WHOOP!!!! DARKSIDE SOUTHERN JUGGALO FOR LIFE MOTHERFUCKKAOS

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