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  1. look all u bitch ass fam haters ima have 2 spell it the fuck out for yall since ur obviously mentally fuckin challeged. juggalos r not a mofuckin gang, technically in the legal sense we r, but fuck the government and all the bills bein passed. anywho we consider ourselves family. now i dont kno if u bitch ass playa haters hatin away, doin what yall do best with that shit in ur mouth suckin our dicks down 2 the chrome have a family or even somethin remotly close 2 what the fuck i have, there wouldnt b some bitch boy revolt on psycho fuckin pathic family i raise my hatchet 2 every down ass juggalo reppin the fam legittly and thatbrother{ real down ass juggalo} gives a WHOOP WHOOP! back thats how the fuck it works bitch freaks and weirdos aka children of the night aka hatchet ridas aka painted up scrub runnin after me with a fuckin axe AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! aka juggalos. we always got eachother it aint no mother fuckin cult and by family i dont mean like mr. manson, i mean by closest thing 2 blood ull ever fuckin see pole smokers. and if some douchbag got beat up and robbed by a juggalo then fuckin sucks 2 b him. he was probably runnin off at the jaw and couldnt back his shit up and got his wallet stolen cuz he talked that much shit and my brother was stoned and had the munchies. so fuckin what if he was a juggalo u wouldnt start some blood and crip holocaust would ya? try it… i fuckin double dog dare u. pussies hatin on shit ya aint even knowin about. hate on my family like the pros say any medias good media. ur spreadin the word 4 us and ur stupid fuckin asses dont even know…..WHOOP WHOOP! love gebby

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