Juggalo Gang – Dj Clay Elephants in the Room

DJ Clay – Juggalos are a gang

Here is DJ Clay proving juggalos are a gang with lyrics in detroit juggalos are a gang , in new york juggalos are a gang.
This is off the song the elephants in the room , which pretty much means that most people including juggalos are not informed enough to know that juggalos are a gang so he has to spell it out and show you the juggalo gang is the elephant in the room.


5 thoughts on “Juggalo Gang – Dj Clay Elephants in the Room

  1. Juggalo sites are for haters, fags, pedophiles, molesters, wife beaters, nazi punks, retards, and people who ride ICPS nuts more than a groupie. Don’t like what I said boo hoo deal with it you punk ass fagget.

    • Look at this moron above.. He goes on this website and tells us to leave them alone(contradiction). And then he says he would like to see someone kill him? hmm, learn some grammer you fuckin dumbass. And go ahead and stand up for the Insane Clown Pussies.. Thats right i said pussies!! your beloved ICP leaders pussed out because of the Tila Tequila incident. To scared to take that on… Why dont you go and try to be unique like all the rest of your “FAMILY”!!

      • FUCK YOU!!! ICP didn’t have to take the rap for Tila getting pelted because ICP didn’t start it. They even TOLD everyone at their Seminar NOT to throw shit at Tila. The 2000 that did do it, are the punk ass Juggahoes. You think we’re all the same? YOU’RE A FUCKING MORON!!! Through your eyes you see us as a bunch of punk ass groupies right? Well here’s the thing about that bitch, your eyes are fucking blind. Get the fuck out of here with your hater shit. Take your richy bitch ass back to your daddy and shut the fuck up!

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