Juggaloism – the 6 Stages of Juggaloism

Stages of Juggaloism

Stage One- Pre Birth:
This occurs before you know Insane Clown Posse exists. You know you’re different. You don’t conform with society. You see the world differently than most and aren’t sure where your view fits in.

Stage Two- The Awakening:
You are introduced to I.C.P. A friend may introduce you, or you may hear a song on the radio. Maybe you see someone sporting a shirt and think “I wonder what that’s all about.” It can happen in many ways, but from here on out nothing is the same. You start to discover the magic that is the Dark Carnival. You being to find that place where your view belongs.

Stage Three- Clown Boy:
This is the stage that most people resist. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a clown boy (or fanboy, or hound dog…take your pick), but we’ve ALL been there. This is where I.C.P. and Psychopathic are the WORLD to you. You want all the merchandise, memorize all the songs, and follow blindly the lead of Joe, Joey and the Psychopathic machine. The most common symptoms of being in this stage are: calling ANYONE a Juggahoe, dissing anyone for not having as much merchandise as you or not knowing every lyric to every song on every Psychopathic album, believing everything that J says, and generally defending Psychopathic in everything they do, even when they are wrong. Some are more obvious in this stage than others, but believe me, you too will be / are / once were a clown boy. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

Stage Four- Disillusionment:
This is where you start seeing cracks in the perfect structure that is the Juggalo World. It happens different for all of us. Something will plant a seed of doubt in the world you’ve emersed yourself in. Maybe you meet Shaggy and he’s rude to you. Perhaps you start to see that Psychopathic Records is no different then other record company, and that their main goal is to make money. You start doubting the “Family” and all the hype that come with it. This is the hardest stage to get through. All the faith you put into Psychopathic starts to crumble, and you begin to feel lost once again.

Stage Five- Realization:
The last stage. This is when you finally figure it out. Being a Juggalo isn’t about the merchandise or knowing what kind of pudding Shaggy likes. It’s not about hating / liking things just cause I.C.P. says so. It’s about being YOU. This is about being your own person and not letting anyone tell you how you should be, think, act, or dress. It’s about a community of people that have had similar experiences and feelings as you. We have a connection together….even if we don’t always get along or agree.

Stage Six- Joining The Juggalo Holocaust:
Self explanatory.

One thought on “Juggaloism – the 6 Stages of Juggaloism

  1. aight ive been realizing there is faults int he juggalo family, ALOT i dont agree with all of them. some people like the new cd i think its garbage. i like icp for 2 reason, the music that they USED to put out and they started everything from the ground up, and the early years of juggalo family, before people thought the could buy a hot topic shirt and know the neden song and think they was down cus thought thought it was a funny song. but i realized i DONT need icp to be a juggalo or any of them for that matter, dont get me wrong still mad love for all of em, but icp basically just gave a name for the different people. and thats me im different, i like the wicked music,i understand whats REALLY behind it, i do n say shit that other people would consider nuts, but even if they never came around id still be doin the same shit, id still be a JUGGALO. they gave us a name and i sign for what we like n believe n. and that brought together family, people i dont even know that id give the shirt off my back if they needed it. as far as icp n psychopathic, i still dig what they do, everyones on a hustle and gotta make that money, but if they want me to spend my money on records n shit again they gotta go back to what what all started liking. the wicked shit. Now this juggalo holocaust bullshit, idk why the fuck you hate juggalos so much but you not about shit really. yall need to realize weither you like it or not your Los n Lettes too, you just dont except the name anymore or never did. but sayin your gonna kill/punch/etc. a juggalo is no better than what psychopathic raps about first of all and second its not gonna happen. im tellin you there are Lo’s in Bloods, Crips, G’s, VL’s, ZP, etc and they are not goin im tellin you. we the same people we just like different shit but we can do the same thing ya feel me. bein a juggalo i take offense to this whole holocaust bullshit, yall need to think about shit before yout ake it to a level you really donjt wanna take it to. if you got any questions, anything to say to me, whatever, email me at ltp0616@comcast.net. and we’ll take it from there.

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