Say hello to the Juggalo Cult

the juggalo cult is out and stalking the forums and these blogs

heres their latest comments

Somebody said we’re brainwashed by Satan…”The Great Deciever.” Let me let you in on a little something.
We believe in this “Great Deciever.” We call him The Great Milenko. We know he exists. and we know he is pretty much in control of the world. Honestly, I doubt many of us could give a fuck less.
We all await the day that God comes and destroys this pile of shit and all of it’s filth, hate, and dumb fucks that judge people. You say we’re brainwashed, we say your brainwashed. At least we don’t give all our money to a child molester standing behind a pulpit. You honestly think that because I’m not sitting in a pew letting some other DUMB human tell me right from wrong and how to live my life, that I’M brainwashed? HAHAHA
Not one of you fucks was there to take the headphones out of my ears when I needed somebody and found ICP. So what if I want to subject my brain to subliminal messaging and violence? None of you care until it effects YOUR precious existence.
This world is now ending. Juggalos are just a byproduct of this revelation. Get used to it, we aren’t the only thing that the Dark Carnival has to unleash upon the world.


2 thoughts on “Say hello to the Juggalo Cult

  1. you guys are a bunch of hipocritical doush bags.Im a juggalo an ive been 1 since as long as i can remember.we’re not a cult in any sence of the word but we are a family thats much bigger then yours so if you got something to say about us or want to kill 1 more please feel free to contact me dont be a pussy an hide behind your computer you little bitch im right here in bellaire ohio an you can call me anytime at 304-559-9761

  2. Ok, I’m not even a Juggalette and I think this shit is crazy. Juggalos are people who can have children and live their lives. No more of them are killers or rapists than regular people. You’re the sick ones, making comments about raping and murdering because of an idea. Get off the computer, take some pills, and get a life. Or just take some pills and end it. I don’t care. Neither do any of the Juggalos. All you’ve done is piss them off and a bunch of angry juggalos is your worst nightmare. I don’t believe violence is appropriate in music BUT I care much more about it in real life. You’re a REAL gang who REALLY kills and hurts people but they aren’t. It’s a movement, an art form, and you will never take that from them. Killing people won’t kill an idea or belief. Did you neo-Nazis learn anything from the real Holocaust? Many of them lacked something that they could always believe in and they found it in being a Juggalo. I found that in art. To take that from someone is just cruel. My best friend is a Juggalette. She had a truly shitty life but she found solace at last, and though all of her beliefs aren’t mine, I would never take that from her.

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