juggalos take stand against gang rags album

juggalos have enough of the gang music made by icp.

Whilst this juggalo is misguided , at least he is taking a stand .. where are the rest of you juggalos to speak out about blazes new album gang rags and the gang mentality of juggalos – now with free bandana.


3 thoughts on “juggalos take stand against gang rags album

  1. FUKKK THAT juggalos notta gang. the US fukin government is more ah gang then juggalos are. jus cuz sum fam fuks up dun mean the rest like that. open ya god damn eyes an quit over analyzin shit. fuk head. ya’ll jus need to find better shit to do then sit here an post fake (not true) ass shyt. getta life

  2. Yo, you are all a bunch of gay faggot ass gang members who just want to rape men in the ass. How the fuck can anyone listen to some music and decide the shits real. I will stomp everyone who claims to be a juggalo because if your a juggahoe then you must be a fuckin loser.

  3. oooooh…. yet again more idle threats from some fat, thirtysomething, moms basement living, cross dressing princess…. anything else bitch…. now go upstairs and slap your father like a little bitch for not wearing a rubber, thus resulting in you…. blah blah FUCKING BLAAAAAAH!!!!!

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